Brandy ‘Put It Down’ (feat. Chris Brown) Single Review

The world turned into a very cold, dark and lonely place for me yesterday morning when I realised that Brandy‘s new single had leaked and none of you instantly reached out to me to break the good news. It had be out for at least four or five hours, y’all. I have my phone switched on all through the night for such critical news breaks.

Brandy is one of those artists that I hold very close to my heart and stan wildly for without much feedback and mutual excitement shared in my friendship group. It is hard. However, I’m hoping this new and evidently more current R&B direction B-Rocka‘s rockin’ will get more folks fangurling in my corner.

‘Put It Down’ (featuring Chris Brown) is a straight up declaration of war on the American urban charts. Every from its superstar collabo to the airtight production and flow screams “Brandy means business”. Our gurl is gunning for a hit and she’s got the #1 spot well within the firing range right now.

For the first time since her Afrodisiac era, Bran is actually presenting herself with a song fit to compete with the young, cool crowd and better yet, she’s doing it in a way that is still indistinguishably Brandy. She may be commandeering a harder hip hop flow but it is still executed with smooth vocals and harmonies that she’s known for – thankfully, not a thorough Auto-Tune fit out like it was going on Glee or some shit.

The bass heavy urban beats courtesy of Bangladesh (producer behind Rihanna‘s ‘Cockiness’ and Ke$ha‘s ‘Sleazy’) may not be entirely game changing by the industry’s current standards but it is for Brandy. It’s just a thrill to hear her beat them soulful vocal tones into submission and deliver a sharper flow often required for hip hop beats.

There was even a moment in verse two where Bran skillfully serves up a few rap lines, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who has heard her firey rap delivery on Timbaland‘s last album.

The term, “put it down” definitely sounds like an expression Bran had borrowed from her gal pal Kelendria Trene Rowland, who was flogging that expression hard during her term as X Factor judge in the UK. While we’re on the subject, I reckon this project’s gonna land itself in very close proximity to Kelly Rowland‘s flawless Here I Am album.

The sexual confidence Bran is putting down on ‘Put It Down’ is already a nod to the kind of bossbitch anthems Kelendria‘s used to delivering. It is gonna be a whole new era and a whole new dimension of hits for Brandy – and thank fuck it is finally happening for the girl.

Listen to ‘Put It Down’ featuring Chris Brown:


Brandy will release ‘Put It Down’ in the States on 8 May. I don’t understand why this smash isn’t already out on iTunes – within 24 hours of it hitting Brandy‘s Soundcloud account, the track was already played some 100,000 times.

‘Put It Down’ is the first taste of the diva’s forthcoming comeback album Two Eleven which is slated for a June release in the US.



    • Oh my god, I can’t believe you said that. That was my initial reaction when everyone told me they hated it. I was like, “I didn’t like ‘Motivation’ when I first heard it either but look what happened to it. And ‘Put It Down’ is so much better than ‘Motivation’…”

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