Misha B “Why Hello World” Mixtape Review

“Einstein. Einstein! I’m lookin’ for that Einstein.” Well stupid hoes, search no further because Britain’s most exciting, upcoming fresh professor is now ready to school you right.

Misha B was without question the most bright and promising young talent to emerge out of last year’s UK X Factor series. However, after a series of ill-advised song choices, the fierce child lost her way and voters kinda stopped believing.

The most important thing for Misha to get right now is that original British hip hop and soul swag she was dealing from the start – that’s where her fan base is at, patiently waiting. I’m pleased to say, children, that our prayers have been answered and the heavens damn well parted when we heard the girl’s debut mixtape Why Hello World.

“Why Hello World’ has become a catchphrase synonymous with the teen star ever since she used it to open her rap in ‘Rolling In The Deep’. The mixtape features cuts and covers of some artists that have inspired Misha, including her winning take on said Adele hit, and some originals she’s been cooking up in the studio.

The 15-minute mixtape menu reads:

1 – Why Hello World Misha B Intro
2 – Misha B – Big Dreaming
3 – Weeknd feat. Drake – Crew Love (Can’t You See Refix)
4 – TLC – Unpretty Original / Misha B Cover (Cut)
5 – Beyoncé – Run the World (Stylus Refix)
6 – Misha B – Last Forever
7 – Misha B – Home Run
8 – Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Classic Hip Hop Blend)/Misha B Cover
9 – Usher – Climax
10 – Lil Wayne feat. Bruno Mars – Mirror Original / Misha B Cover
11 – Outro

As much as we enjoy swerving and grooving to the familiar hits, what y’all really came for is to inspect Misha‘s originals and check where she’s headed musically.

‘Big Dreaming’ really needs to be her first single or, at least, a buzz single. The earnest and autobiographical hip hop track gives the world a proper introduction to Misha Bryan and her musical influences. The style is so remarkably reminiscent of early Estelle at her finest. I can sleep sound tonight knowing that this child is gonna do great things if this is the kind of music she’ll present to the world.

‘Last Forever’ is a completely different shine altogether. Here we have some summery island pop beats mixed with handclaps and house pianos, which is perfect for radios and UK music festivals in June. Following that, we got ‘Home Run’ pitching us a sassy, synth-driven dance pop with finger snaps which sounds like the kinda hit Rihanna would’ve sold her soul for circa A Girl Like Me.

What an utterly satisfying introductory mixtape. Child, shine on. Shine. On.


Misha B‘s Why Hello World mixtape is up for free download. Go ahead and treat yo’ self.


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  1. niiice, i wish she’d grew as much as cher lloyd(at least), she was my fave at the start of x factor, but she kinda lost her shine.

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