Chart Feed – 30.04.12

Top bosses like Carly Rae Jepsen, One Direction and pepaw Lionel Ritchie all cruise through this week untouched by a barrage of strong new releases.

Nods all around to chart debuts by Reece Mastin, Missy Higgins, Jason Mraz and Jack WhiteMaroon 5 smash through with ‘Payphone’, making some monumental weekly digital sales figures not seen by a group before in America.

Plus, a quick forecast predicts Norah Jones might make it rain on the charts next Monday with a patchy chance of Jack Vidgen, Marina and The Diamonds and Tulisa in some areas.


Carly Rae Jepsen continues to cock block your faves from mounting the top. ‘Call Me Maybe’ clocks its fifth consecutive week at #1 in Australia, preventing another Aussie artist from a winning debut placement.

Reece Mastin‘s second single ‘Shut Up and Kiss Me’ (above) enters at #2 this week, suffering the exact same fate as label mate Delta Goodrem who was also unable to knock Carly from #1 with her comeback single ‘Sitting On Top of The World’ last week. Delta‘s ‘Sitting’ slides a little to #3 this week but is fighting well enough to beat off other two new releases in our Top 10.

Maroon 5 rings in another hit with ‘Payphone’ (featuring Wiz Khalifa) flying all the way up the charts to #7. The delightful radio-friendly single is the American band’s sixth Top 10 hit in Australia. See below for how it fared in the US.

Flo Rida‘s vile new single ‘Whistle’ debuts at #8 this week, making this his third consecutive Top 10 single in Australia in the last six months. ‘Whistle’ made #2 on iTunes within the first day so this doesn’t really surprise me. It is also the most added new song to Australian radios this week.

Lakyn Heperi might be the one to watch for now on The Voice if his second week sales are anything to go by. Following last Sunday’s respectable debut outside the Top 50 with his blind audition performance of ‘Kids’, the future teen indie star managed to see the song rise to #33 on the ARIA charts this week. This really is saying something especially when all other Voice contestants’ tracks are sinking faster than MDNA.

Show favourite Rachael Leahcar might’ve led the pack last week with a history-making debut at #18 but the song sinks to #41 in its second week. Soul sister Karise Eden‘s ‘It’s A Man’s World’ falls from #41 to #63, Casey Withoos‘ cover of ‘Samson’ drops from #59 to #73, and Kelsie Rimmer‘s rendition of ‘Teenage Dream’ sinks from #89 to #100.

Missy Higgins‘ long awaited comeback single ‘Unashamed Desire’ creeps in at #58 this week. Look, with this one I don’t feel that same fire in my groins as  I normally feel for Missy Higgins‘ music.

There’s something rather B-grade Megan Washington about this and it’s not really the look. Basically, if anything, Melissa darling should’ve gone more bonkers a la ‘Holy Moses’ or at least something adjacent to it? I know this bitch can rattle some empty Milo tins for real in the studio and really let us have it. Missy‘s third album The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle hits stores on 1 June.

Jack White‘s new album Blunderbuss debuts at #2 in Australia, making it the biggest new release on our charts this week. Just like Kate Miller-Heidke last week with Nightflight‘s arrival, Jack couldn’t budge the teen buying power fuelling One Direction‘s Up All Night as it celebrates one month on top of the charts. Jack‘s album is also the biggest newbie on the UK chart, debuting straight at #1.

Watch Jack White‘s ‘Sixteen Saltines’:

Kate Miller-Heidke‘s Nightflight dips a little to #5 in its second week on the ARIA charts. Her breakthrough single ‘The Last Night On Earth’ makes a return thanks to a placement in the Beaconsfield movie promos. It seems like a pretty natural calling card whenever Australian networks need to soundtrack an emotional scene involving death.

Of Monsters and Men‘s album My Head Is An Animal debuts at #89 in Australia this week. I actually quite like these guys. I know you wouldn’t normally put indie music past me (some friends keep sharing to a minimal like it was vagina or something I vehemently oppose) but really, I’m cool with this.

– UK –

Calvin Harris and Ne-Yo‘s ‘Let’s Go’ busts into the UK charts at #2 this week, making this the Scottish DJ/producer’s third consecutive #2 hit in the country. Meanwhile here in Australia, ‘Let’s Go’ has staggeringly tumbled out of the Top 20 in its second week, sinking 10 places to #27.

Rufus Wainwright‘s Out of The Game debuts at #5 in the UK this week, making this the acclaimed queer artist’s best chart placement since 2007’s Release The Stars peaked at #2. Out of The Game comes in at #38 in Australia this week. It is said to be RuRu‘s most “danceable” album to date, which doesn’t really indicate that he’s sold his soul to the discotheque but maybe think more finger snapping, Mark Ronson productions?

Watch ‘Out of The Game’:

Santigold‘s new album Master of My Make Believe debuts at #33 in the UK this week. The American electro dub artist collaborated with the likes of Karen O, Switch, Diplo and Greg Kurstin on this record.

Grimes‘ breakthrough album Visions cracks the UK Top 100 at #86 this week. The Canadian artist has definitely been the rave of Pitchfork and the blogosphere for a bit now – but y’all can probably expect for Australia to be all over this when Channel [V] starts flogging her hard as their Buzz Artist of the month (May). See what happens.

– US –

How is Lionel Richie‘s Tuskegee the first album released in 2012 to spend more than one week on top of the charts? Let’s check the roster: seasoned music veterans Madonna (MDNA) and Bruce Springsteen (Wrecking Ball), mega rulers of the youth dollar One Direction (Up All Night) and Nicki Minaj (Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded) – all only did one week at #1. The Billboard 200 has never been so fickle, not in the last few years anyway.

Jason Mraz‘s Love Is A Four Letter Word debuts at #2 in the US, making this his third consecutive album to peak in the Top 5. Love managed to sell 103,000 opening week copies, which is the most amount of albums Mraz has ever sold in one week in the States. The album’s front running single ‘I Won’t Give Up’ crosses a million sales in America in the same week, which is why the next time Jase and I rendez vous it’ll be somewhere more deluxe like the Maldives.

Maroon 5 and Wiz Khalifa‘s ‘Payphone’ debuts on top of the US Hot Digital Song chart with 493,000 opening week downloads. Holy Floptina, y’guys. Basically, ‘Payphone”s first week sales is now the best digital sales frame set by a group ever – bettering Black Eyed Peas‘ ‘Boom Boom Pow’ which pulled 465,000 copies almost exactly three years ago in America.

Needless to say, this instant connection with ‘Payphone’ trumps the lengthy rise Maroon 5 had with their last hit ‘Moves Like Jagger’ – which debuted at #8 last July and took nine weeks to ascend to the top of the Hot 100. ‘Payphone’ also debuts at #36 on the Hot 100 Airplay, making it the most popular new song on airwaves that week.

Toni Braxton‘s flawless, top-shelf dance single ‘I Heart You’ is finally on the muhfuggin’ charts. Thank, Jehovah. ‘Heart’ debuts at #41 on the US Billboard Dance/Club play charts and if there’s any justice, it’ll go all the way into the Top 10.


Look out for these brand new and forthcoming releases on your future Chart Feed.

Norah Jones cool new album Little Broken Hearts will probably be snatching wigs this time next week on the ARIA charts. I’ve been staring at that album artwork all week on iTunes, thinking to myself, ‘who’s that gurl?’ See above for her performance of ‘Say Goodbye’ on Jools Holland. I know Michael Bolton and Jack Vidgen‘s got it covered this year but would Norah still be an assured, default Mothers Day purchase in 2012?

Jack Vidgen, winner of Australia’s Got Talent, just dropped his second album Inspire but who’s buying? Have Carol Minogue and Julie Goodwin both reached for their coin purses?  This collection features covers of ‘Man In The Mirror’, ‘True Colours’ and a disturbing cover of Beyonce‘s defining ‘I Was Here’. Bitch, you only got here 15 minutes ago – what do you mean, you was here?

Marina and The Diamonds‘ corker of a new album Electra Heart is out in the UK today while here in Australia, we still have to wait two more weeks or some bullshit. I haven’t had time to download it yet to have a sneaky listen but at the rate I’m swishing, I might as well wait til’ the deluxe version is unleashed locally to experience it.

Watch Marina performing album track ‘Lies’ acoustic style:

Tulisa‘s pretty much forgotten debut solo single ‘Young’ is finally coming out today in the UK, even though hype probably blew over like a month ago. I see she still has to talk about that sex tape to keep some form of press coverage. I suppose this is what basic bitches with no star quality have to do to earn a buck around here.

Mark Ronson and Katy B‘s Coca Cola London Olympics theme song ‘Anywhere In The World’ is slated to drop on 14 May in the UK. It’s one of those collabos that probably looks better on paper than it does sounding out of your speakers.

The Noisettes are back with a new single ‘Winner’, which is the first single from their third studio album. Listen to a snippet of the track, which will hit stores on 9 July in the UK:


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