I suppose the most common comment I received when I announced Feed Limmy’s hiatus was, “I will miss your thoughts”.

After some time off – which included a little voyage to London and Paris – I decided that I missed my own thoughts too.

You’d think travelling alone and waddling in nothing but my own cesspool of thoughts would put me off it, but no. After tirelessly mumbling critical comments to myself in the tube while listening to Cheryl Cole‘s dismal album and spending pages upon pages of toilet paper on draft reviews of Wynter Gordon‘s new EP – I decided it was time to Feed Limmy again.

Opinion are like arse holes, everyone’s got one. But I just like to pass mine around like some hungry power bottom.

Was that too much? Yeah, probably.




  1. On a more serious note, I am humbled by the kind words of encouragement some friends and Twitter followers have shared during the break. I hope you continue to enjoy reading the posts and I look forward to hearing from you all as I go! x

    Side bar: if you’re on Instagram, my username is “lovelimmy” – loads of rather nice holiday snaps are there, if you’re inclined to have a look :)

  2. Hi David, glad you are back, can’t wait to hear what you think again..

  3. Yay, just spent the last half an hour catching up on your commentary. Great to have you back (:

  4. wow, great to have you back, but don’t you do x factors(uk&aus) now?

    • Oh Paolo. It’s been really difficult for me to keep up with this year’s series. I am so annoyed with myself! Alas, I won’t be blogging it like I have for the past two series. I hate feeling like I’ve let people down. But at the same time, I’ve just been so swamped with full time work, doing the radio show, etc. Thanks for your message though! x :)

      • awww, guess i have to look for another xfactor review blog, (btw, this year’s both shows are absolutely better than lastyear’s, i reckon). good luck with all your business then!

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