Carmen Smith presents buzz track ‘Polaroid’

The name rings a bell, you say. Well, you’d probably recognise this wild-haired siren as Guy Sebastian‘s star backing vocalist who got dismissed from The Voice Australia after she bagged a prominent feature role on his single ‘Gold’, which was strategically launched just as the show transcended into its public voting heat.

Given how cut throat the competition got week by week, it’s hard to say how Carmen Smith would’ve fared if she remained anyway. But the good news is that, she’s now making the most of her exposure with a new buzz track and official single to follow next month.

‘Polaroid’ is a deeply personal, organic acoustic track Carmen wrote after her father passed away, which you can grab as a free download from her website.

Watch Carmen perform ‘Polaroid’:

What’s been interesting about this process of poking around her website and Soundcloud page is that I have fallen like a lumbering bear cub into a trap loosely covered with leaves, which we shall for the purpose of this exercise call Carmen Smith, her rather delightful 2007 debut album.

I reckon if this is all new to you then it makes sense to do a bit of homework on who Carmen is, because her potential wasn’t completely realised on The Voice. If this confident fusion of soul and blues she’s been peddling is a signifier of what’s to come, then I think the girl is set to ‘wow’ a lot of people.


Stay tuned for Carmen Smith‘s new single, which will be out end of August.


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