Ricki-Lee ‘Crazy’ Music Video

I am not sure at what point Ricki-Lee music videos became such an event that I couldn’t even let myself experience it until I was able to give it my “optimal viewing condition”. I could’ve easily clicked on the link and watched it on my phone when it was uploaded on YouTube yesterday but no, I insisted on having a facial, then getting comfortably tucked into bed with a bucket of M&Ms close by first before hitting ‘play’.


Check the reel from start to finish, this is without doubt the best overall styled Ricki-Lee video yet. Just like it was with her last effort ‘Do It Like That’, ‘Crazy’ comes correct with a level of international popstarly excellence that we should now expect without reservation from Australia’s premier upcoming pop princess.

They somehow found an actual abandoned mental asylum in Sydney to shoot this, which kinda blew my mind because I thought those places only existed in Gotham City.

As you know, our beloved Instagram Queen had teased us relentlessly for weeks with sneak snaps of the video shoot, sending us barking and drooling like a couple of chained dobermans smelling fresh game. Anticipation levels were high. I even clocked a few queens collapsing after hitting ‘refresh’ on their feed, clearly unable to handle the severity of Ricki-Lee‘s fierceness.


These remarkable flauntings of top range popstarly fashion and “character playing” were unlike anything we’ve seen Ricki-Lee do before and it was positively exciting. The stylish looks were fleshed out by a basic enough narrative with Ms Coulter portraying three different archetypes in a mental institution – a deranged patient rocking straightjacket couture, a sexy therapist, and a cold nurse who was evidently fresh out of fucks to give that day.

On paper, this multi-player challenge excited me a lot because, again, we’re looking at a brand new territory for Ricki-Lee but alas, it is one that has been executed with legendary results in the past – see: Kylie‘s ‘Did It Again’ and Victoria Beckham‘s ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’. There I was sitting in bed clutching my bucket of M&Ms close to my chest thinking, “can this bitch turn the party?”


Thankfully, our boss lady didn’t leave guests hungry because there was definitely an abundant of cray-fish being served here with all that jerking and manic faces she was pulling.

Look. It is a little camp, a little over-the-top, and frankly, if your first instinct was to overconceptualise a video for a straight-up, guilty pleasure pop record like ‘Crazy’ – then you done already lost your muhfuggin’ mind.

Believe me, I had to check myself and my expectations too while writing this review. I think as fans, we really sometimes take matters like single choice, styling and video concepts to a whole new level of obsession that we almost miss the point?

Sure I must confess, as much as I’m living for this era of Ricki-Lee‘s discography, my appreciation and acceptance of ‘Crazy’ – both single and video – is something close to tepid. I do think lyrically, our girl could do better.

Y’know, in this day and age where there are literally party records written and posted online every minute, I think it’s absolutely crucial to find more creative ways to convey “letting loose” than simply telling your listeners to “go crazy”.

But at the same time, ‘Crazy’ is quite an appropriate headlining single for radio and TV in a period of time where Ricki-Lee needs to sustain energy and excitement for her forthcoming tour and all important Fear and Freedom album.

The song serves a purpose as a fun, well-manicured party record with easy-to-digest themes about dance floor emancipation. The hook is actually designed for crowds to fist-pump to at her gigs and there’s even a trendy dubstep breakdown to boot, for those inclined to pop a squat and thrust their pelvis in a circular motion while hair-flicking to the rhythm (not that I tried this in front of the mirror).

From a devout Disciple of Ricki-Lee’s perspective, it might be a little tedious to fasten yourself onto another feel good uptempo – especially following so closely after ‘Do It Like That’ – but I’m sure once the album arrives and we hear these two singles juxtaposed with more personal tracks, it won’t feel so same-ish. So “Keep Calm and Just Go Crazy”.

Watch Ricki-Lee‘s ‘Crazy’ music video:


Ricki-Lee‘s ‘Crazy’ is out now and her forthcoming third solo album – Fear and Freedom – is due 17 August. Check out the fantastic Bombs Away remix of ‘Crazy’.

I will see your asses on the floor at her Melbourne gig in September.



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