The Veronicas ‘Lolita’ Single Review

I don’t think I have ever properly considered how amazing The Veronicas are until I heard this here comeback single and stared back down the barrel of great hits they’ve served in the last seven years.


‘Lolita’ is the first single we’re treated to from the Aussie twins in five years and it is every bit the kind of pop music event you should be crying and shaking about.

This needs to be taken out the back for a wrestle with Missy Higgins over Comeback of The Year. Let’s just put it out there – it is shaping up to be an excellent year for Australian pop returns [bookmark: Ricki-Lee and Delta Goodrem].

The floor pounding beats and utterly current electro pop productions almost points immediately to their stunning 2007 single ‘Hook Me Up’, but upon closer listen you’ll find that ‘Lolita’ is not just another dancefloor ready single extending a catalogue of familiar lyrics about “being in the moment”, “feeling sexy”, “putting your hands up” or “losing control”.

You see Jess and Lisa – together with co-writer and producer Toby Gad (hitmaker behind their smash ‘Untouched’) – have crafted a dark femme fatale anthem inspired by the novel Lolita. It does a remarkable job of teasing out your inner bad ass bitch with a hook like:

“I’m your Lolita, La Femme Nikita. When we’re together, you’ll love me forever! You’re my possession, I’m your obsession. Don’t tell me never, I’ll love you forever.”

The ensuing wig-snatching dance breakdown is simply irresistible. Much like the one that was implemented in Rihanna‘s ‘Where Have You Been’, it becomes the bit you look forward to the most. Hide your faves, The Veronicas are well and truly back.

Check out the official ‘Lolita’ lyric video:


The Veronicas‘ ‘Lolita’ was released on Friday and at present, it has climbed up to #29 on the Aussie iTunes chart. Their third album Life on Mars is slated for a September release.



  1. Hi David, so glad you are back, loving your all your reviews…
    check out this Lolita remix here…

  2. Worst song of 2012 and it’s chart failure will hopefully see the end of these two dopes for another 5 years at least

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