Delta Goodrem ‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’ Single Review

I’ve never come across a Delta Goodrem single that I didn’t think was some kind of celestial gift from a divine source, drifted down on a thousand angels’ breaths with the flight and gaiety of a free dandelion, here to teach us a lesson about life and love.


Throughout her 11-year career spanning 19 singles and three studio albums to date, Delta (So Good)rem‘s music has given us nothing but love, hope and enlightenment. She has pretty much inspired every pre-pubescent Australian girl that passed through a singing school in the last decade. Regardless of what you think of her success, personality or image, Delta is – to me – one of the most vital Australian pop stars of this generation.

Having said that, I see storm clouds gathering over a field of sulky Care Bears fans and casual listeners who don’t appreciate what she’s done with her latest single ‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’.

This is the Australian pop fairy’s most blatant move towards dance music yet, and for an artist who is still so synonymous with vanilla, sun-soaked piano pop, this is going to challenge the fan base a little.

For the record, I think it’s fantastic that Delta’s open to incorporating new styles into her music. I mean, this is not a complete bender if you’ve heard her ethereal dance single ‘Believe Again’. However, I do think that this is the most redundant single Delta has released since ‘A Little Too Late’.

I am questioning the composition, not the musical direction – if that makes sense. I think if she was going to even dabble in dance pop for a title like ‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’, she should’ve stepped out with more sumptuous productions like the one implemented in Nicole Scherzinger‘s ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ or Loreen‘s ‘Euphoria’ (fuck me, can you imagine if Delta did ‘Euphoria’?)

This track has so much room for growth. It has the potential to carry her signature piano lines, big melodies and heartfelt lyrics, bundle it all up, and send it off to the races with a proper stomping Eurodance beat. She would’ve earned full marks from me for effort and audacity if she had done so.

Lyrically, it does feel like classic Delta with her heart riding by her sleeves. The sentiments are all spelled out in the five-word title and it fulfills her wish to create a universal soundtrack for the broken-hearted. But you know what? For a survivor ballad, it sure doesn’t make you feel very uplifted at all. I think we all need to think this one over.

Before you lay your head to rest tonight, ask thy guardian angels for strength and a slew of fucking amazing remixes to accompany this single in the near future.

Listen to ‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’:


Delta will release ‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’ digitally this Friday. The music video, which I heard will be filmed in Los Angeles, should be on its way.



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