Quick Feed: Mariah shoots comeback video, Tulisa’s ‘Live It Up’ remixes and Ronan Keating’s return

For those who just don’t have the luxury of time to sit around waiting for Limmy to write faster – myself included – here is a shotgun solution.

Let’s do this thing called Quick Feed, where you get a quick compilation of new music updates delivered through your driver seat window every other day in a brown take away bag with an unfathomable amount of serviettes, and you tell me whether it works or not.

Collect your first edition at the next drive-thru window. The receipt is in the bag.

Mariah serves restful glamour on the set of ‘Triumphant’


Our ageless monarch Mariah Carey posted this slice of candid, unposed behind-the-scenes glamour on her Facebook page today, sending millions of her lambs bleating “we are not worthy”!

This defining shot was taken on the set of her music video ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’, which will be Mimi Manatee‘s proper comeback single after having dem babies. The track features rappers Rick Ross and Meek Mill, and is produced by loyal producer Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael-Cox. Word is ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’ will be out early August – so don’t you dare even blink.

This coming year will be the year of the butterfly, I reckon.

Mariah’s just announced her lucrative American Idol judging gig and I’m sure there’ll be countless more Home Shopping Network appearances to flog various tacky fragrances and clothing, but on top of that, she has reunited with Precious director Lee Daniels to star in his Oscar-baiting new movie The Butler (due 2013), which already has a heady cast of Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker, Robin Williams, James Marsden, Alan Rickman and Jane Fonda.

Tulisa’s ‘Live It Up’ remixes: grossness personified


Hold up. Does blonde Tulisa remind you of blonde Dannii circa Girl?

I don’t see how I can give this poor excuse of a pop star another go when everything she delivers sounds this cringe.

‘Live It Up’ (featuring Tyga) is the second solo single from the former N-Dubz frontwoman and current UK X Factor judge, who somehow managed to climb to the top of the UK charts with her screeching last single ‘Young’.

This outing deliberately sends Tulisa back to her more urban upbringing but I’m not sure if it’s any more tolerable.

Take a listen to three new ‘Live It Up’ remixes:

Perry Mystique Radio Edit

Big League Dance Hall Remix

Dexplicit Remix

Ronan Keating reheats his pop career with ‘Fires’ (as you do).

Ronan Keating Fires

Can you believe that Ronan Keating is actually threatening his first album of originals in six years? ‘Fires’ is the first offering and it was just sent to Aussie radios today.

The hunky Aussie X Factor judge has said that this will be his return to “proper pop” and he’s working with the same producer behind Life Is A Rollercoaster again.

RoRo‘s new album of the same name hits stores on 3 September.

Listen to the world premiere of ‘Fires’ (fan-made montages are the fucking best):

With Mel B now signed to EMI Australia and music promised before the year’s end, and Guy Sebastian poised to release Armageddon – this season of X Factor is definitely going to be as much about showcasing the judges’ new music as it is about breaking the next lot of local pop hopefuls. Could Nat Bass be sitting this round out?

Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant’: well, it’s no Alexandra Burke.


My inner Brunswick lesbian is nodding to this sly new single by Tame Impala. That driving beat led by a dirty bass line does something to my Tasman region. I think ‘Elephant’ is unknowingly sexy in a Levi’s commercial kind of way.

The single is the first official offering from the band’s second album Lonerism which hits local stores on 5 October. Fans and hipsters would’ve already experienced the joyous ‘Apocalypse Dreams’ and approved of the situation.

Listen to ‘Elephant’:


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