Amelia Lily ‘You Bring Me Joy’ Music Video

I won’t lie. A big part of my delight in Amelia Lily‘s debut single is knowing that Xenomania is behind this. In fact, so strong was the hit factory’s governing influence over all matters pop that I knew I was going to approve of this song even before I heard it.


‘You Bring Me Joy’ is a straightforward, pulsating pop track that glistens with subtlety, which is something I wouldn’t have expected from Amelia, who was quite known for belting the shit out of everything on last year’s X Factor.

As for the video, it’s a lot more low-key and at ease than other teen X Factor contestants’ outing. I mean consider the hectic production values in Cher Lloyd, Misha B and Little Mix‘s recent videos.

Amelia‘s video – which was shot in L.A. – seem to glow with an effortless summer sheen with a plot that conveys an idyllic teen summer outing: road trip with the top down, wind blowing through your hair, mucking around with your mates and finishing up at a beach party.

The blonde starlet herself looks stunning but I do have a serious issue with her overactive hands. I mean the excessive pointing and air grabbing makes me think that she’s lip synching to ‘Genie in The Bottle’ in her head rather than her own single?

Check out ‘You Bring Me Joy’:


Amelia Lily‘s ‘You Bring Me Joy’ is due out in the UK on 2 September, just a week after series winner Little Mix drops their debut single ‘Wings’.



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