Christina Parie Interview

Not to be confused with the similarly named ‘Jar of Hearts’ purveyor, Christina Parie, the Aussie X Factor pop sensation is ready to set the record straight on a few things. The regular confusion with her Warner Music label mate Christina Perri being the first we cross off the list.


“Ahhh!” she screams down the phone to me before bursting into laughter, in a reaction that was part relief and part amused when I told her that I had once put my hand up for an interview with Christina Perri thinking I had bagged one with her.

“The confusion works the other way now! ‘Cause usually they get me confused with her. Now you get her confused with me!” she said.

The Sydney teen would no doubt be untangling more mix ups of the sort now that she’s doing promo and interviews to herald her debut EP: 16 and Unstoppable.

Christina is the latest contestant from the 2011 Australian X Factor series to step into the spotlight with her own music, following close behind former competitors Reece Mastin and Johnny Ruffo, who both scored ARIA Top 20 hits with their singles.

When asked if there was a sense of rivalry still lurking after the show, Christina shut it down saying there never was one to begin with.

Read the full interview on auspOp.


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