Quick Feed: Guy Sebastian, Delta Goodrem, Melanie Amaro and Parade

Despite having woken up at 4am this morning to do breakfast radio (side bar: we interviewed Ricki-Leesquee with me later) then rushed off to my full-time job, I still found the good humour to kid myself into thinking I could actually bang out “a few quick blog posts” before going to a friend’s celebratory dinner. Exhaustion is an understatement right now.

Guy Sebastian declares war on love.


Fuck, I just had this amazing light bulb moment. In celebration of my obvious “career” highlight interviewing Ricki-Lee this week – why don’t we try to slot in as many RLC pop references as we can into this post. In fact, if you record a reading of this whole blog out loud then play the tape backwards, it should somehow sound like ‘Raining Diamonds’.

The original Australian Idol Guy Sebastian has revealed the artwork for this newest single ‘Battle Scars’, which features star American rapper Lupe Fiasco. To be honest with you, any of the rugged and masculine chic images we’ve seen of Guy in the last two years could’ve all been done in the same photo shoot. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, unlike the below class act with her giant piece of joolry.

‘Battle Scars’ was sent to media today and from what I’ve heard, it is major ballad of Toni Braxton‘s ‘Yesterday’ proportions.

We can probably expect the new album Armageddon to drop some time before this season of Aussie X Factor is through.

This is still happening.


The flaccid response to Delta‘s new single ‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’  must’ve prompted for her team to push back its release by a week (now due 10 August). However, what you can take away in the meantime is the freshly unveiled artwork, which looks like a glorified Pantene ad of sorts.

I am actually quite eager to see what the video looks like because I was infatuated with her visual presentation in ‘Sitting On Top of The World’. There is no doubt that the woman has never looked better so this better not be a step back like it already is with the song.

Delta’s fourth studio album Child of The Universe (are you living for the hippy title?) is slated to drop later this year.

Melanie Amaro’s new single will grow on you I promise.


The second coming of Jordin Sparks herself stunned me silly when her first single after winning US X Factor was some homodance cover of Aretha’s ‘Respect’. I would be quite pleased if Melanie just does an Inaya Day and records roof-raising vocal house tracks for the next 10 years.

‘Don’t Fail Me Now’ – produced by mega hitmaker Darkchild – sounds like a blockbuster pop anthem with stomping beats, survivor lyrics, and a bizarre dance breakdown that feels like it should be on Step Up 4 instead of some reject Jordin ballad. Having said that, after the second listen – this song becomes increasingly hard to knock back.

Listen to Melanie’s ‘Don’t Fail Me Now’:

Everybody likes a free Parade.


Thank Jehovah Parade is still a thing. I was worried that after the lacklustre performance of their totally enjoyable debut album last year – they would go in the way of Mini Viva and Girls Can’t Catch et al.

The British girl band sprung a brilliant new single on us yesterday titled ‘Light Me Up’, which they co-wrote with Tim Powell (from Xenomania) and urban folk artiste Mary Leay. It’s going as a free download at the moment to drum up some hype.

If you like what you hear, download, and share like mad:

Doesn’t it just sound like the best elements of Parade‘s first album mixed in with a bit of DJ Fresh/Rita Ora‘s ‘So Hot Right Now’?

“I think I’m obsessed with you” – Ricki-Lee gives me a fangurl heart attack.


Our phone interview for the brekky radio show was kinda crazy. The Aussie pop vixen spoke with Jade and I about her forthcoming Fear and Freedom tour, explain why she’s such a social media boss, and I even asked her to do a duet with me covering Brandy and Monica‘s legendary ‘The Boy is Mine’.

Check out Ricki-Lee‘s interview on our breakfast radio show Diff’rent Strokes on JOY 94.9:

Those who read between the lines and studied this post hard from top to tail would’ve found that – bar the Guy Sebastian/’Raining Diamonds’ reference – there was indeed no other Ricki-Lee lyrical references embedded in this post. Sorry to disappoint.


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