Quick Feed: Pink, Mutya Keisha Siobhan + Shaznay, The Presets and Brandy

Pink is now a Covergirl.


There’s something seriously cool about Pink stepping out as the new face of Covergirl. I love that she’s always been a gritty tomboy but when duty calls, bitch can scrub up just as well as your other pop princesses. Check out her stunning new promo shot for the cosmetics giant above and while we’re at it, there’s the new single artwork which blatantly rips off Kylie’s X.


Do we have a Tumblr blog called Popstars Who Steal From Kylie yet?

The Origibabes are writing (again) with Shaznay Lewis.


Mutya Keisha Siobhan – the original Sugababes – have tweeted that they’re officially in the studio writing with Shaznay Lewis, the ultra-capable key songwriter from All Saints. Origibabes also confirmed that they did write a song with Shaznay in November (check the receipt) but not in the flesh together. November! Yes, this whole reunion has been the worst kept secret ever.

Brandy braids up for new video.

brandy put it down braids

You know we all gon’ be as old as Methuselah by the time this video arrives but if it’s any consolation, this teaser might signify that Brandy‘s ‘Put It Down’ video is gonna be alright value.

Two things you need to know at this stage: Willow Smith will be speaking to her lawyers, and the 90s R&B diva’s signature braids are totally back with a vengeance.

This is like the time when Mariah thought it’d be a good idea to re-shoot her classic album covers as a tribute to her heydays? Except, here you really gotta slap yourself to realise how ageless Brandy has remained for the last 15 years. Like, fuck, bitch.

The Presets’ new single could’ve been recorded by a pirate.


There is something fabulously theatrical about the way Julian is singing on the new Presets single ‘Ghosts’. If you take it all in – the lyrics, the bravado in his voice, the “huhs”, the view of the sea – it all becomes too much to process without a feathered hat, wooden leg and parrot on your shoulder.

‘Ghosts’ is out now and The Presets will drop their new album Pacifica on 7 September.

Karmin to Chinatown.


Are you living for my splendid display of puns yet? I swear, these Quick Feed posts are gifts that keep on giving.

Spunky American pop duo Karmin just dropped the video for their new single ‘Hello’ (which was produced by Stargate) featuring lead singer Amy wandering through Chinatown and giving us the best hit of American Asian persuasion since, well, Manila Luzon or even Mandy Moore‘s timeless ‘In My Pocket’ video.



  1. Oh wow, the original Sugababes and an All Saint! Amazing. What’s up with All Saints anyway, are they disbanded for good now?

    HOT DAMN re: Brandy! Gurl doesn’t age a day since 1995! Did you notice on the teaser video some moments when she looks kind of possessed? lol

    Props for the mention of Mandy Moore’s “In My Pocket”! Underrated classic! The album it’s on is amazing, I still listen to it to this day; “17”, “Saturate Me”, “Crush”… pure teen pop perfection.

    • I don’t think I’ve heard this Mandy Moore album! Omg. WUT-WHAT! Anyways, I’m doing this thing now when I cook dinner on Sundays, I go on Spotify and put on an old album I haven’t heard before – might have to do this next week.

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