Quick Feed: J.Lo announces Australian tour, Lana Del Rey, Elen Levon and Robbie Rivera

So what did I do with the rest of my day after I found out that J.Lo was touring Australia? Honestly, does it even matter. I mean, really. The immensity of Jenny finally coming to my block was too much for my basic being to handle.

Fire up the smoke machine and throw on your Louboutins.


News broke this morning while I was on air that Jennifer Lopez is bringing her Dance Again greatest hits tour to Australian shores this December. The announcement was echoed with much rejoicing in caps locked tweets from my fellow Australian Love?rs.

Seven studio albums deep in a discography glittering with hits, and the 43-year old has never done a world tour before.

Here Down Under, J.Lo has secured two #1 singles with ‘If You Had My Love’ and more recently ‘On The Floor’ (featuring Pitbull) – however, all up she has had 17 Top 30 hits in this country. Needless to say, a few of us would know the words to at least a dozen of her songs.

Australian tour dates announced so far:

Perth Arena, Perth – 6 December
Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide – 9 December
Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne – 11 December
Allphones Arena, Sydney – 14 December
Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane – 18 December

Tickets go on sale on 21 August, so start gathering up your coins.

How about some previously unreleased Lana Del Rey tracks?


*says ‘yes’ in hushed Norma Jean tones*

On one hand I hold the Coney Island Queen‘s original demo of ‘Ghetto Baby’ – which was recorded by Cheryl Cole for her A Million Lights album – and on the other, I have three previously unreleased tracks that could be on the Paradise edition of Born to Die. Knock yourself out.

‘Ghetto Baby (Demo)’, which strangely sounds cheesier than the final Cheryl cut.

‘Summer of Sam’ – this is almost too cute for Lana Del Rey but I do enjoy the Salt N Pepa-style rap.

‘Serial Killer’ – oh, sweet Jesus on the dashboard, this is more like the rest of Born to Die.

‘Ooh Baby’ – this would make for a rather cute and pointless Kylie b-side circa ‘Body Language’? Thanks, Lizzy, but we can all probably skip this one.

Elen Levon teams with 3Oh!3 for new single.


This Sydney teen pop sensation is one of the most promising future exports our country has in development right now. Elen Levon – who broke out with her debut ‘Naughty’ last year and followed up with the mega fierce ‘Like A Girl In Love’ – is back with her third single ‘Dancing To The Same Song’.

She co-wrote the track with 3Oh!3, who also produced the song, and judging by this teaser – it’s sounding like one wrecking ball of a hit dance ballad.

Listen to a snippet of ‘Dancing To The Same Song’, which will be released on 31 August:

Robbie Rivera reclaims his Wynter Gordon track.


DJ Robbie Rivera is not letting his stunning track with Wynter Gordon lie largely unattended on her Australian-only debut LP: With The Music I Die. Since our gurl is now moving on from that album, the DJ has decided to launch a new mix of ‘In The Morning’ as his own single instead.

Check out the new, slightly more aggressive club cut and video, which unfortunately doesn’t feature Wynter:

I have to confess, my first and most memorable contact with Robbie Rivera is via his club remix of Victoria Beckham‘s smash ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’. There you go. Quickest way to clear the room.

Drawn to the new Gotye clip?


Wally would like you to consider these other Making Mirrors album tracks while he figures out what to do with this ocean of cash flooding in from ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’.

The Australian indie pop wonder may not have another epic chart-topper ready to follow up with any time soon, but he’s certainly doing the best he can to give his existing songs a life of their own through dazzling music videos. 

The latest one is an animated clip for ‘Save Me’, done by Peter Lowey:



  1. Visa presale here I come!!!
    I’ll be there tuesday morning getting my tickets!!
    I’ve been waiting for this for 13 years.
    I cannot wait!!!!!!

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