Delta Goodrem ‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’ Music Video

I am not sure how I should be feeling after watching Delta‘s new video ‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’. I mean, should we be feeling empowered by the song, aroused by the sexual faces she’s serving, or feeling sorry for the crestfallen characters sharing the clip with her?


The Australian pop princess keeps falling short of ‘excellent’ when it comes to this new single. I’ve noted in my review that it’s not so much about her so-called foray into dance music that’s causing me to shift uncomfortably in my seat, but rather the basic-level effort that has gone into the song. I was half-hoping that the video would help pick up its grades but sadly, I’m left furrowing my brows even harder than before.

Director Hannah Lux Davis – who has done videos like Anjulie‘s ‘Stand Behind The Music’ and Breathe Carolina‘s ‘I.D.G.A.F.’ – fires a fast-faced juxtaposition of Delta serving various modes of ethereal elegance with flashes of three different story lines of characters overcoming brokenness.


There doesn’t appear to be a cohesive connection between Delta and these characters, which is generally not a problem because we understand that popstars need to focus on serving modelesque beauty in music videos, not come for Oscars. However, in the context of ‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’ and the “empowering message” I think it is trying to deliver – it is concerning when you have such a drastic visual contrast between Delta’s magical world and these characters’ grim, pedestrian-looking lives.

On the whole, this great disconnect between Delta – who you see basking in her symbolic elements of water, wind, light and fairy sparkles – and these poor suffering folk really renders a whole new level of awkwardness to the story.

Is she singing for them or for herself? Is she shown as being able to relate to these characters? If so, how can we believe her?

Perhaps right now you’re giving me the side eye for over-analysing a pop music video, but you can’t say that this wasn’t the intention of the clip.

If Delta had simply filmed this video with her just doing graceful movements in the water and floating around with various new age symbolisms, we wouldn’t be here discussing ‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’ at such length.


Visually, I think there were some real keepers in this reel. Delta looked especially stunning in the scene where she is rocking a ponytail and that burgundy bedspread – it’s no wonder they chose that to be the single cover artwork. It’s a shame that the video’s rapid-cut editing and blurring of shots denied us the pleasure of taking in more of her beauty.

Between her leaning against the door frame looking sexy/despondent in a blast of red and blue lights, the disparate story lines, and the blatant lack of actual dancing, ‘Bathing With A Broken Heart’ has failed to give us a visually exciting and thematically appropriate Delta music video.


Delta‘s ‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’ is set to make its ARIA Top 100 debut tomorrow. The single has interestingly also been released in the UK.



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