Quick Feed: Leona Lewis, Prinnie and Mahalia, Melanie Amaro and Abelard

Here comes ‘Trouble’.


The wait is almost over, everybody. Well, the two other people I know who are actually excited to hear from Leona Lewis.

The British pop warbler extraordinaire will premiere her new single ‘Trouble’ on UK radios this coming Tuesday, signaling the first proper step forward since her album Glassheart got pulled from the release schedule last year.

The single will drop on 7 October in the UK, a week before Glassheart finally comes out.

‘Trouble’ – written by Emeli Sandé – will feature American rapper Childish Gambino. According to early reports, the track sounds like some collision of Sandé’s music with a bit of Massive Attack, if you can imagine it.

Leona’s Glassheart is actually one of the new releases I’ve been gagging for all year because, by the sounds of things, the traditionally beige balladeer is actually taking risks and going a bit experimental for the first time.

She’s mixing genres and influences, working with some proper A-lists, and – fucking clutch your pearls – she is even trying out a bit of rapping (“London-style MC-ing” she calls it).

The refined Glassheart album will feature a new version of Leona’s last summer hit, ‘Collide’. Stay tuned for an Australian drop date.

The Voice soul mamas join forces for duet album.


The two female vocal powerhouses on The Voice AustraliaPrinnie and Mahalia Barnes – are teaming up to launch a duets album titled Come Together on 5 October.

Basically, no wig is safe in Australia right now. An album of soul covers by these two is virtually guaranteed to blow the house down with the kind of ferocity not heard since Young Divas recorded ‘Tell It To My Heart’.

Prinnie and Mahalia will serve everything from Aretha to Beyoncé on this record, as well as one original number titled ‘The Hard Way’ – which was penned by Mahalia and her hubby Ben Rodgers. Singer/songwriter Diesel also makes a guest appearance, singing back up and playing the guitar on the mamas’ cover of his song ‘All Come Together’.

The 12-track album was recorded live with a full band in just five days, so y’all can expect a splendidly organic, soul musical experience. The pair will be touring later in the year, so make sure you go check them out live.

Well. Seems like Universal Music Australia is making the most of the top talent and ratings of The Voice.

This latest offering – following Karise‘s endless #1 reign and Top 10 smashes from Darren Percival, Rachael Leahcar and Sarah De Bono – sounds like another mighty nail in the coffin for X Factor Australia. Look who is sounding more and more desperate with their promos touting some local “manufactured One Direction“?

Don’t fail Melanie now.


US X Factor winner Melanie Amaro appears to be tentatively testing the waters with her next single, now offering up a new track for your consideration after the stomping uptempo ‘Don’t Fail Me Now’ failed to set hearts alight when it debuted online two weeks ago.

‘Love Me Now’ – a grand sweeping ballad of modern Glee-bred Whitney proportions – is strangely gathering more positive responses. I don’t get it. Who exactly are these Melanie Amaro fans? Are they young folks her age or their mums and grand aunts?

I would have personally preferred for her to stun with a youthful, radio friendly stomper like the Darkchild-produced ‘Don’t Fail Me Now’. That has more global hit potential than a heavy ballad like ‘Love Me Now’. You can’t see her getting a hit in like Japan, Australia or the UK with this.

Listen to ‘Love Me Now’:

And if you haven’t already heard it, here is my pick ‘Don’t Fail Me Now’:

It’ll be interesting to see what they plan to do with both songs – perhaps launch a double A-side single? One to appeal to Melanie’s traditional balladeering fans from her X Factor era and the other to radio audiences and beyond.

You must not know ’bout Carmen


Y’all remember when I wrote about Carmen Smith from The Voice Australia last month? Well, get ready for her new single/EP ‘They Don’t Know Me’ – which is set to arrive on 27 August – bearing four funk-driven originals.

The curly-haired vixen has filmed a video for ‘They Don’t Know Me’, so y’all can expect to see it real soon.

Check out the energetic behind the scenes reel – I mean, shit, who knew she could dance? Also, judging by her Instagram photos, the girl has also gone topless for a scene too. Can you handle it?

Wash it all down with some glitterwave.


If you’re a fan of 80s-influenced electronica of the finest synthetic quality, check out Melburnian artist Abelard‘s latest offering ‘Forgotten Stars’ and ‘Spotless’, which you can download for free or for any fee you nominate on Bandcamp.

Check out ‘Forgotten Stars’:

Listen to ‘Spotless’:

The guy is doing some really fantastic nostalgic/other-worldly stuff with some of his atmospheric, chillwave tracks. Follow him on Soundcloud if you wanna discover more.


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