Quick Feed: Calvin Harris, Leona Lewis and Colton Haynes, Vanessa Amorosi and Nelly Furtado

Who isn’t on the new Calvin Harris album?


After four consecutive UK #2 hits in the last 14 months and a string of smash productions for other artists, it dance/pop producer Calvin Harris is finally ready to unveil his third studio album.

The Scottish DJ announced over Twitter that the new album titled 18 Months will arrive on 29 October, which would be preceded closely by the project’s fifth single ‘Sweet Nothing’ (featuring Florence + The Machine).

Harris also confirmed that the album will feature collaborations with Kelis, Rihanna, Example, Nicky Romero, Ellie Goulding, Tinie Tempah, Florence Welch, Dizzee Rascal, Ne-Yo, Ayah and Dillon Francis.

Make no mistake about it – 2012 and 2013 is definitely the era of Calvin Harris. This rising super producer is totally gonna be the authority on dance/pop sounds in the same influential manner as past hitmakers David Guetta and RedOne.

Leona shoots video with Colton Haynes.


They’ve started filming the video for Leona Lewis‘ eagerly anticipated new single ‘Trouble’ and look who is in it.

There better be fuckloads of scenes with Colton Haynes wandering about in his underwear. I don’t care how you choose to work it in. It has to happen. I’m sorry, Leona, but you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into. There are certain obligations you have to fulfill when you decide to cast the Teen Wolf star as your love interest. You can just imagine the thousands of hungry gif-makers on Tumblr, desperate to get their hands on more Colton already.

‘Trouble’ premiered on UK radios this week to rave reviews. The single EP drops on 5 October and will feature an acoustic version of ‘Trouble’, as well as remixes by Wideboys and Wookie.

Great news: Brandy is back on track.


Pop R&B veteran Brandy turned the party yesterday when she revealed her new single ‘Wildest Dream’ – a slick, modern mid-tempo cut that is a complete improvement on her divisive Chris Brown collabo ‘Put It Down’.

The fact that she didn’t even wait for her wig glue to set after launching the ‘Put It Down’ video to start sharing a new song kinda shows that she’s actually listening to her fans. She knows she needs to stop moving at a glacial pace because this fast-paced industry and voracious consumer market will gloss her over.

‘Wildest Dreams’ is penned by Sean Garrett (hit writer for Beyoncé and Usher) and produced by Tha Bizness (who has done cuts for Wiz Khalifa and Trey Songz). Personally, this track doesn’t sound like a sure-fire hit single but rather, a really decent album track. It’s no ‘Right Here (Departed)’ or even ‘Fall’ from her last album Human.

However, ‘Wildest Dreams’ is far more respectable and appropriate than anything in the vein of ‘Put It Down’. And let’s face it, you wouldn’t throw a fit if this was Alicia Keys‘ new single.

Listen to Brandy‘s new single ‘Wildest Dreams’, which is set to arrive on iTunes on 28 August:

Do you live for BranBran‘s artwork eleganza? The rope and bright blue actually reminds me of this photo from Cheryl Cole‘s Messy Little Raindrops era.

V Mama splits from major label


Vanessa Amorosi has revealed that she’s severed ties with Universal Music Australia, after a two year-long creative battle with the label became more trouble than it’s worth.

Following two underperforming singles last year – the embarrassing ‘Gossip’ and flaccid ballad ‘Amazing’ – V Mama‘s fifth studio album V was mysteriously shelved.

Amorosi said she was leaving the major label to “rebuild” her career as an “album artist rather than a pop princess”, which is an interesting distinction that conveys this desire to be more Adele than, say, Katy Perry. But remember how well she did the pop princess business in 2009 with the defining Hazardous album? Sigh.

Let’s reminisce on the glorious ‘Mr Mysterious’ and that blinding vision of Vitamin C she served in the video:

Nelly Furtado thinks she’s MIA now.


If you thought Nelly Furtado was being indulgent and foolishly cockblocking herself from a mainstream hit with ‘Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)’ and ‘Spirit Indestructible’ – turn away now. It is evident that not a single fuck was given to producing a radio-friendly single with her latest release ‘Parking Lot’.

The frenetic rhythmic-electro track smacks of MIA realness, which really suits the Canadian artiste to a tee, actually. Sonically, mega producer Darkchild suddenly delivers the most exciting cuts he’s had in years through Nelly Furtado. Who would have thought?

I don’t know, y’all. I can definitely see tastemakers raving over The Spirit Indestructible for generations but it’ll be an epic commercial flop of Bionic proportions.

Therefore, if you love Furtado’s edgy new cuts – love it hard – and prepare to stan for your fucking life. Personally, I would need to hear the rest of the album before committing but I’m already wildly obsessed with the first two singles.

Listen to the Darkchild-produced ‘Parking Lot’:

Sell-out or not: Anjulie is still happening. Just deal.


Nothing shocked me more than when café-soul chanteuse Anjulie trashied up and embraced dance music – and did a surprisingly good job of it with ‘Brand New Bitch’.

Here she comes again, embracing a fiercer hybrid of urban and electro pop with ‘Headphones’:

I would expect for the remixes to be even more sick’ning?


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  1. Gosh, Calvin Harris is hot. *just gotta get that outta the way lol*

    Err… Limmy. Gurl. I’m having a bit of trouble with your saying “Nelly Furtado thinks she’s M.I.A. now”… like, okay. I can hear some similarities, but it’s not that much of a stretch from the stylings she used on ‘Whoa, Nelly!’ or ‘Folklore’. I still can’t believe ‘Big Hoops’ isn’t a massive hit — something’s just really wrong with people of today. Last year it was ‘Think About It’, now this… it’s like, no. Just no. Yet there are songs like ‘We Are Young’, ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ or ‘Lights’ topping the charts… it’s just strange. It’s not like Nelly’s doing death metal or acid jazz, y’know! And the fact that her label is not supportive is also very strange — she gave them a 10-million-selling album, so you’d think she’d be a priority act, but she’s far from it.

    I think it will make the Top 40 in the US and the Top 20 in the UK. If you notice, ‘Loose’ is her only album to even reach the Top 20 in the US… her other albums only managed to reach the Top 40. But you can tell it’s definitely gonna be awesome. I’m seriously addicted to ‘Parking Lot’!

    I never even knew that pic of Cheryl existed! Gosh. That’s a mess. I like ‘Wildest Dreams’ though. We’re definitely missing that type of R&B. With that said, why can’t she come up with something like ‘What About Us’? Now that’s a real jam!

    Hahaha, you really love Vitamin C, don’t you! I really enjoyed ‘Me, Myself and I’ back in the days! ;-)

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