The Veronicas ‘Lolita’ Music Video

This track has already been proclaimed by yours truly as one of the finest moments in Aussie pop this year, so can The Veronicas now slay ‘Lolita’ in a whole new dimension?


Here we see Jess and Lisa back on our screens in their first music video in three years, looking deadly as ever with firearms and fuck-with-me-not facial expressions.

The sinister dance/pop track naturally calls for a femme fatale-esque narrative but you won’t find the Aussie twins in a compromising position, caressing themselves in burlesque outfits and patting tired Marie Antoinette wigs rescued from some sex shop bargain bin.

Instead, here we see reimaginations of sci-fi/action movie themes that pitches The Veronicas as leaders of an alien bounty hunter gang.


Director Spencer Susser, who co-directed Lana Del Rey‘s ‘Summertime Sadness’ video, brings to life visuals fit for a blockbuster smash. Everything from the shootings in smoke-filled abandoned streets to the hectic juxtaposition of shots conveying torture has been executed with great style.

Can anyone say, fuck yeah milk bath?

In terms of The Veronicas‘ visual presentation, I’m actually really glad they didn’t go to over-the-top measures, brandishing leather catsuits with metal spikes protruding from shoulder pads.

Because, y’know, that’s exactly the kinda blatant shit I would go for as a queen who still idolises Victoria Beckham‘s ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’ evil twin character.


Jess and Lisa’s grungey and believably ‘street’ looks feels more like the real deal here. I only wish their stylist had stolen some inspirations from Korean super girlband 2NE1‘s ‘Ugly’ music video and given their appearance a sprinkle of fantasy.

Watch The Veronicas kick arse in the ‘Lolita’ video:


It’s a crying shame that ‘Lolita’ has yet to crack the ARIA Top 20. In fact, it left the Top 30 last week just after a month. Fingers crossed the video and more promo will help move it in the right direction.

The Veronicas‘ new album Life on Mars is due in the coming months. It’ll feature productions by Toby Gad and Nellee Hooper (hit maker behind No Doubt‘s Rock Steady album and Holly Valance‘s irresistible single ‘Down Boy’).


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