Quick Feed: The Wanted, Christina Aguilera, Pink and Robbie Williams

Have The Wanted found another hit?


If The Wanted is desperately seeking a second colossal hit, they might just find it in this Xerox copy of ‘Glad You Came’.

The British lads premiered their new single ‘I Found You’, which is produced by Steve Mac – the man behind virtually all their singles, on BBC radios yesterday.

Take a listen to it here:

Look, I wasn’t immediately impressed by ‘Glad You Came’ when I first heard it because I found it to be painfully repetitive. However, with ‘I Found You’, I think The Wanted have definitely made more of an effort to deliver moments.

The inferno of a falsetto they rocked in the chorus rekindles all kinds of warmth in my loins usually reserved for a Scissor Sisters party record. Then there’s the soulful belting at the 2:16 mark, which totally takes you to dance floor church.

‘I Found You’ drops on 4 November and the boys will release their third studio album next year.

Meanwhile, here in Australia, The Wanted‘s 10-track EP of singles and notable album tracks to date have yet to make an impact on our ARIA Top 100.

The actual single version of ‘Your Body’.


You might’ve heard something special in that Neaderthal, leaked demo of Christina Aguilera‘s comeback single but I certainly didn’t.

Xtina is set to premiere the all-important Max Martin-produced ‘Your Body’ on the new season of The Voice tomorrow but the final version has apparently found its way online.

Listen to the final version of ‘Your Body’ on my pal Pop On and On‘s blog.

The buzzing electro pop beat, bossy lyrics, and roaring vocals serves you virtually everything you want in a modern Aggie single. I might just change my tune about this song now.

“If you don’t know where to go, I’ll finish off on my own!”

Yes, you better pray for salvation in a devastatingly fierce video. Side bar: the above image is a teaser shot Xtina posted from the video shoot.

Pink tries with another truthful love ballad.


I honestly believe hand-on-the-bible that ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ should have been one of Pink‘s biggest selling singles – like, outside of Australia, of course. Because, y’know, everything she shits goes Top 40 here.

However, with her new album The Truth About Love due to drop in Australia next Friday, I think y’all should brace yourself for the next single.

Listen to the full track on Perez Hilton.

‘Try’ pretty much sounds like your typical Pink downtempo except, the production this time shimmers with a glint of 80s rock balladry. The track is written by busbee and produced by Greg Kurstin, the same creative pairing that brought us Kelly Clarkson‘s fantastic ‘Dark Side’.

‘Try’ itself was originally recorded by busbee‘s band GoNorthGoSouth.

Interesting to note the diverse material in this man’s repertoire – I mean, he’s penned everything from Alexandra Burke‘s ‘Bad Boys’ to K-pop girl band Girls’ Generation‘s ‘Run Devil Run’ and even our local X Factor winner Altiyan Childs‘ beige single ‘Somewhere in The World’.

Robbie Williams brings you ‘Candy’.


One early review of Robbie Williams‘ forthcoming album Take The Crown said “there are no misses – just huge pop hits”, so needless to say its first single ‘Candy’ better take the cake.

The new song is set to premiere on Monday with the album due to arrive on 2 November.

New Ke$ha single this month.


This bitch scrubbed up well for the MTV Video Music Awards yesterday. Like, damn. Hotel heiress realness.

The pop world will not sleep a wink until we hear Ke$ha‘s exciting new single ‘Die Young’, which the glitter monger confirmed yesterday will come out some time in September.

Ke$ha worked on the track with super producer Dr Luke – who is responsible for her many hits from ‘TiK ToK’ and beyond – and also the likes of Cirkut, Benny Blanco and Nate Ruess, the lead singer of American rock band fun.

We already know that this new era is gonna be more gritty rock and roll glam for Ke$ha – so buckle the fuck up.

Was The Presets’ new album worth the wait, y’all?


I am bumpin’ the Aussie EDM duo’s new album Pacifica on Spotify now as we speak because, y’know, I like to see what all the fuss is about.

After just a day out, the album has already soared to #3 on our Aussie iTunes chart so I won’t be surprised if it comfortably debuts in the Top 5 of our ARIA album charts.

I wasn’t blown away by the first two singles ‘Youth in Trouble’ and ‘Ghosts’, but album highlights so far that might have me reaching for my coin purse include ‘Promises’ and ‘Fall’.

However, right now, I would probably give it all up just to get my swag on to the Hermitude remix of ‘Ghosts’. Utterly sick’ning displays of trap from one of Australia’s key indie hip hop acts.

Prepare to pop ‘n’ lock it hard to this 808:


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