Rebecca Ferguson ‘Backtrack’ Single Review

Last Christmas, I wondered out loud if Rebecca Ferguson‘s much-deserved international breakthrough will happen hot off the heels of her debut album or will we have to wait a couple of years.


I mean, it’s a fair enough concern given the amount of madly talented artists out there who spend years and decades trying to break the international market only to clock near-misses with “revised” album tracklistings and music videos.

However, thankfully, our beloved soul siren from Liverpool managed to make an early mark for herself in the US, Australia and beyond – just like her fellow X Factor series mates One Direction and Cher Lloyd. [Side bar: read my review of her Melbourne show case in March.]

‘Backtrack’ is the newest offering from Rebecca’s soon-to-be repackaged hit album Heaven, which has already sold half a million copies and peaked at #3 in the UK, as well as hitting #14 in Australia and #23 on the US Billboard 200.

Stylistically, ‘Backtrack’ is a modern uptempo soul number that will pleasantly surprise any casual observer of Rebecca’s music – particularly those who were enthralled by her more down-lit ballads.

The new track’s eager-to-please, piano-driven melodies and sing-a-long “ooo-oooh-wee-oooh! Ooo-oooh!“s makes it the most radio-friendly single Rebecca has served since ‘Glitter & Gold’.

“You backtrack, change your act at a hundred lies per minute!” It’s hard to take these brazen lyrics with a straight face when you’ve got such a sumptuous beat driving it, but such is its beauty, I suppose.

I would actually really love to hear ‘Backtrack’ remixed by Foster The People or a similarly-styled indie/pop band. I think it could go a long way rocking crisp kicks, guitars and some synths.

Heck, even a headline-grabbing duet with Adam Levine would work nicely with the current version.

Watch the video for ‘Backtrack’ in which Rebecca flaunts a new look with latte-coloured blonde hair:

Rebecca is definitely sassier than what most of us would expect from her soft-spoken manner. Y’all remember the time she threatened to sue her former management in a Twitter rant for overworking her to the point where she collapsed?

Yes, Modest Management – who also handles One Direction – was probably not taking the most sympathetic approach in minding an artist with two young children.



Rebecca Ferguson‘s ‘Backtrack’ will precede the repackaged version of her hit album Heaven (pictured above), which arrives in the UK on 15 October.

The refreshed album tracklisting will also feature another new song ‘I’ll Count The Days’, which is taken from the forthcoming series of Downton Abbey, and covers of Drake and Rihanna‘s ‘Take Care’ and Aqualung‘s ‘Strange and Beautiful’.

Fingers crossed for an Aussie release date.


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