Robbie Williams ‘Candy’ Single Review

Palms to the sky, pop’s alpha male Robbie Williams is well and truly back in his A-game.


After some continent-shifting success reuniting with Take That, Robbie is now back in his own lane determined to serve a proper hit album this time around.

Fans of his golden solo records would be pleased to hear that this new offering – ‘Candy’ – is a reassuring return to the cheeky and infectious pop sounds that endeared Robbie to millions world over.

The 38-year old popstar may be dishing lyrics about “a girl who thinks she’s great” with a kind of observant musing you’d expect from a seasoned lover who now knows better, but the spark in the lyrics convey everything – especially in that line about a “hurricane in the back of her throat”.

Lord Jesus. *clutches rosary beads*

‘Candy’ is a sweet summery single, designed to charm radios with its nursery rhyme-flavoured melodies and brass brushings that recall Mark Ronson at his finest. Producer and co-writer Gary Barlow has well and truly outdone himself here, proving once again that he could be the key collaborator of Guy Chambers proportions in this new era of Robbie’s career.

The action-packed video for ‘Candy’, which just premiered today, was filmed in London last month with director Joseph Kahn – who has hemmed blockbuster videos like Britney‘s ‘Womanizer’, George Michael‘s ‘Freeek!’ and Kylie‘s ‘All The Lovers’.

Here we see a guardian angel Robbie dressed in a powder pink suit following a charmed young woman, jumping off a building, getting hit by cars, and copping a knife in the back. The leading woman in question is played by 20-year old English actress Kaya Scodelario, who is probably best known for portraying Effy in the edgy teen drama Skins.

Watch the brilliant music video for Robbie Williams‘ ‘Candy’:


Robbie Williams‘ ‘Candy’ is out now in Australia and most parts of the world but won’t drop in the UK until 29 October. His forthcoming ninth solo album – Take The Crown – arrives in Australia on 2 November.



  1. Why wasn’t this a hit? Also, WHY WASN’T THIS A HIT?

    When I first heard this a few months ago, I thought it was one of the worst songs of the year. When I revisited it the other week, I was more afraid it was one of the years best. It’s fecking amazing, innit?

    • ‘Candy’ is absolutely delightful! Seems like nowhere else – other than the UK, obviously – cared for it, though. I don’t think the next single ‘Different’ will make much of an impact here.

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