Christina Aguilera ‘Your Body’ Music Video

Can I just stop you for a second to inform you that this is the greatest Christina Aguilera music video since ‘Fighter’?


F’Aggies all over the world are probably still cleaning up the glittery discharge in their panties left after watching their queen slay – in every way – on screen.

Acclaimed director Melina Matsoukas – who is quickly becoming a solid authority on music video visual excellence – returns to us the sexually aggressive, untamed Christina Aguilera we love – but with a whole new look.


In ‘Your Body’, Aggie is pitching a thrilling collision of vintage Americana fashion with edgy trailer park trash glam.

We’ve never seen the Voice vixen combine youthful colours with old school prints and textures like this before. The excess, the hoarder-style approach to the styling, suits the popstar incredibly well. Subtlety is not an approach Xtina is known for.

Thematically-speaking, the music video sips on essences of Beyoncé‘s Lucille Ball-referencing ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ – which was also directed by Melina – and Lady Gaga‘s hi-camp ‘Telephone’ mini-movie.


Here we see Christina step out as a man-targeting, serial killer who terminates her suiters after casual sexual encounters.

The best part about this concept is how the director has – pardon the pun – executed it with such a playful tone.

Aggie gets to dress up in different guises each time she pulls: there’s the hitchhiking Aubrey O’Day-esque look, the pub-crawling vixen in braids and beanie, and couture mama in a figure hugging black dress.


The use of colour as a euphemism for her harsh acts of violence is cute and clever.

When Aggie blows up the car, the flames burn a Barbie hot pink. When she slaughters the man in a toilet cubicle, there’s baby blue paint splattered all over the wall instead of thick warm blood. When she takes a bat to some poor convenience store bloke’s head, it explodes glitter.

It’s precisely the kind of tongue-in-cheek tone we want to see for a song that could have so easily settled for a standard, sexually-charged video treatment.

Trust. We’ve seen Xtina do X-rated a thousand times before, for over a decade, in fact. This direction is actually kinda refreshing – and it looks like something that would speak to old fans and new ones alike.

Watch Christina Aguilera’s ‘Your Body’ music video:

The arresting Max Martin and Shellback-sculpted ‘Your Body’ is arguably the best lead single Christina has launched in 10 years, putting her squarely back in the game as a serious chart contender once again.

Do y’all reckon this new era could fare better than the sorely underrated Bionic?


Christina Aguilera‘s ‘Your Body’ just debuted at #34 on the US Billboard Hot 100 this week. The song has yet to make a significant impact on Australian radios, failing to make our ARIA Top 100 in its first week.

Xtina‘s new album Lotus drops locally on Friday 16 November.

According to Billboard, this record will be a smattering of dancefloor-ready pop like ‘Your Body’ with some titan piano-driven ballads, and even a few rock-driven anthems.



  1. I can’t get this song outta my head! It’s ridiculously catchy and quite a relief after the ‘Not Myself Tonight’ fiasco. Seriously, can we even call that a song?

    She’s wearing her trash on her sleeve and you just gotta love her for it. Lol.

    • I have had so many people express their dissatisfaction at the ‘clean’ version, though. Haha! Seriously, X-rated-Tina… “love” your body?

      I thought maybe “rock” or “touch” your body would’ve been racier? ;) But yes, so good to see it climbing up the Aussie charts with virtually no radio support. It’s all down to this amazing video and word of mouth I reckon.

  2. LOL, Justin Timberlake and Mimi already did ‘Rock’ and ‘Touch’, so somebody had to ‘Love’. I like the idea of ‘loving’ someone’s body, actually… it’s a rather nice spin to an otherwise racy song ;)

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