Chart Feed – 15.10.12

You know what was great about having the day off on Monday? I get to tell myself that I have all day to do Chart Feed and not actually do it because I end up going on long afternoon walks with Leona Lewis‘ new album blasting in my headphones.


In any case, it would be rude to not report that it has been a good week for Cher Lloyd, One Direction, Ellie Goulding, Tame Impala, Mumford and Sons – and better yet, the New Zealand charts continue to be the first to embrace some US and UK X Factor contestants before any other Top 20 charts in the southern hemisphere.

Snaps for Little Mix and Chris Rene‘s Kiwi smashes.


Tame Impala‘s Lonerism debuts at #4 here this week to become the biggest selling new album in the land. The Aussie band has obviously got a lot to live up to following Innerspeaker‘s award-winning run but it seems like they’ll manage comfortably with this record. Elsewhere, Lonerism enters the UK charts at #14 this week – making it the lads’ first proper crossover hit.

Cher Lloyd‘s fantastic Sticks and Stones smashes through at #30 this week, pretty much a year after the original version first hit the UK charts at #4. Her infectious hit single ‘Want U Back’ (featuring Astro) tumbles out of the ARIA Top 40 to #63 this week, probably because everyone now realises that Lloyd’s solo album version is better? Sticks and Stones also triumphantly entered the US Billboard 200 at #9, clocking 32,948 opening week copies.

No Doubt continues to freefall. The really solid new album Push and Shove tumbles from #29 to #58 in Australia this week. The ostentatious new pop/rock single ‘Looking Hot’ has been sent to local radios but it didn’t make the Top 10 most added.

PSY‘s ‘Gangnam Style’ celebrates three weeks on top of our ARIA singles chart. With a quick stop promo tour this week – including a performance on X Factor tonight – I reckon the song will easily sell enough to make its fourth week.

Reece Mastin‘s new single ‘Rock Star’ crashes in at #31 on our ARIA chart this week. After what has felt like an eternity of releasing radio-infecting singles, the teen X Factor winner is finally gonna drop his debut studio album Beautiful Nightmare on Friday.

Birds of Tokyo‘s new EP This Fire enters at #32 this week. The band’s self-titled album managed to go #2 on the ARIA charts, certifying platinum sales like two years ago? It’ll be interesting to see if the forthcoming album matches its success.

Taylor Swift drives a new track up the chart for the second week in a row. The fantastic ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ is her latest promo digital single from the forthcoming Red album, and it flies in at #24, while its predecessor ‘Red’ clings to #30 for the second week. Elsewhere, ‘Begin Again’ tumbles from #22 to #64 this week. TayTay‘s album arrives next Tuesday.

San Cisco‘s strummy la la new single ‘Wild Things’ debuts at #57 on our ARIA charts this week. Obviously, there’s a tiny bit of pressure on the Aussie band after their big breakthrough with ‘Awkward’ a few months ago.

Nathaniel Willemsie‘s piano-driven cover of Coldplay‘s ‘The Scientist’ is the biggest selling X Factor single in Australia this week, debuting at #75. It also successfully propelled the original back at #61.

Frank Ocean‘s single ‘Lost’ finally cracks the Australian charts this week, creeping in at #91. This is the critically acclaimed singer/songwriter’s first single to make the ARIA Top 100. His debut album Channel Orange managed to peak at #18 here a couple of months ago.

– UK –

Ellie Goulding‘s Halcyon debuts at #2 in the UK this week, peddling 33,425 opening week copies, which was marginally weaker than her last album’s first-week sales. Lights lit up the UK charts in March 2010 with 36,854 opening week sales.

Halcyon‘s bonkers lead single ‘Anything Could Happen’ holds tight to #5 in the UK for the second week, and races in at #54 on our ARIA singles chart. Check back next week to see where the album lands on our ARIA charts.

Mika‘s The Origin of Love debuts at #24 in the UK this week, making it in his first album to miss the UK Top 5. The project’s keynote single ‘Celebrate’ has yet to impact the UK Top 100 and last time I glimpsed the airplay chart, it’s only just getting warmed up.

Swedish House Mafia‘s final single ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ funnily enough becomes their first to go #1 in the UK. Meanwhile, Adele must be so pissed to see her James Bond single cockblocked from the top. ‘Skyfall’ made an early appearance on the UK charts last week after just two days on sale – but in its first full charting week, it only managed to rise up to #2.

Over here in Australia, ‘Skyfall’ is the biggest selling new single in the land – debuting at #5 on our ARIA chart. This is the first James Bond theme to chart favourably in Australia since Madonna‘s ‘Die Another Day’ peaked at #11 some 10 years ago.

Over in America, ‘Skyfall’ debuts at #8 on the US Billboard Hot 100 – making this Adele‘s first single to debut in the Top 10. Although she’s had three US Top 10 smashes (all made #1), they all took their time climbing the chart.

Leona Lewis‘ moody new single ‘Trouble’ debuts at an unremarkable #7 in the UK this week. It is not her finest single seller to date but given that the album’s out this week, I can understand why people are reluctant to grab just the one song.

– US –

Mumford and Sons rule the US Billboard chart with Babel turning out over 169,000 copies in its second week. The Babel sales tally is now up to 769,000 copies in just a fortnight. It is currently the eighth overall best-selling album in America so far this year – definitely the best selling rock album so far, trumping Gotye‘s Making Mirrors (which turned out 662,000 copies to date) and fun.‘s Some Nights (which managed 658,000 sales).

Maroon 5‘s One More Night’ keeps PSY‘s defining ‘Gangnam Style’ from reaching #1 in the US for the third consecutive week. The race has never been closer, though, with just 500 points standing between both singles. We’re talking points because the US Billboard Hot 100 is calculated not just by tangible sales but also radio airplay audience impressions, YouTube views and various media.

The main advantage ‘One More Night’ has over ‘Gangnam Style’ is radio airplay. ‘One More Night’ climbs to #1 on the Radio Song chart this week after 11 weeks in the Top 100, while ‘Gangnam Style’ – although intensely popular, will never truly be able to compete with an English-language song in America in this format. Having said that ‘Gangnam Style’ managed to ascend from #23 to #16 on the Radio Song chart this week, so it’s making progress.

One Direction‘s ‘Live While We’re Young’ debuts at #3 on the US Billboard Hot 100 – making it the biggest selling single in America of the week. It launched on top of the Digital Song chart with 341,000 first-week downloads, making One Direction the first boyband in history to top the Billboard Digital Song chart.

It’s not likely to happen but if ‘Live While We’re Young’ goes #1 on the overall Billboard Hot 100, it’ll be the first single by a boy band to do so since N*Sync‘s ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ in 2000.

Taylor Swift‘s new track ‘Red’ debuts at #6 on the Hot 100, arriving behind 1D at #2 on the Digital Song chart with 312,000 opening week download sales. Its follow up ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ should wreak havoc on the Digital Song charts next week.

Rihanna‘s ‘Diamonds’ bullet to the top of the US Billboard R&B/Hip Hop song chart this week, but slips from #16 to #18 on the overall Hot 100. The Sia-penned single holds tight to #8 on our Australian ARIA charts for the second week and retains its Top 10 status in New Zealand. She needs to hurry up with the video already.

Pink‘s ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ ascends to the top of the US Billboard Dance/Club Play chart, fortifying this song’s winning streak across the different Billboard charts. Her nearest threat now is Mariah‘s ‘Triumphant’ remixes, edging up to #2 after triumphantly overtaking rival Nicki Minaj‘s former #1 dance hit ‘Pound The Alarm’.

Elsewhere, Melanie Amaro‘s stunning pop anthem ‘Don’t Fail Me Now’ bolts up to a new peak of #25 while Calvin Harris/Florence Welch‘s ‘Sweet Nothing’ debuts at #46.


Little Mix‘s ‘Wings’ has remarkably cracked the New Zealand Top 20 at #17, making this the celebrated UK X Factor girl band’s first Top 20 smash in the southern hemisphere.

The infectious song didn’t impact our ARIA Top 100 in its first week but fingers crossed with radio support and the imminent promo trip here, it should go Top 10 easily in no time.

‘Wings’ is thankfully the second most added new song to Australian radios this week. Proving that months of tears, hopes and prayers on my part have worked. The most important new British girl band is finally on course to secure an Aussie hit.

One Direction‘s ‘Live While We’re Young’ failed to keep their #1 placement for more than a week. The petulant boy band single slips to #4 on the New Zealand singles chart, overtaken by the likes of PSY, Adele and our own Aussie pop prince Guy Sebastian.

Over in Australia, ‘LWWY’ falters from #2 to #7 in its second week and despite some vague misplaced hopes, the song never improved on its #2 debut in the UK last week.

Ke$ha‘s new single ‘Die Young’ plummets from #15 to #20 in its second week in New Zealand. The radio-friendly tune ascends to #10 on our Aussie charts this week but dip slightly to #14 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Very hit and miss track record so far.

Christina Aguilera‘s ‘Your Body’ surprisingly sustains two weeks in the NZ Top 40, staggering up to #34 this week. Elsewhere, Cher Lloyd‘s Oath (featuring Becky G) debuts at #38 on the New Zealand Top 40 this week, finding success here even before it caused a ripple in the US, UK and Australian Top 100 charts.

US X Factor contestant Chris Rene‘s EP I’m Right Here is the biggest new entry on the New Zealand album charts this week, entering at #8. This man couldn’t even get his single in the US Top 100 after he came third in the competition last year, yet he walks a champion on the Kiwi charts with a #1 hit in ‘Young Homie’.

Kids of 88‘s Modern Love album debuts at #17 in their home country chart this week. I wonder if they’ll get away with some Aussie success with this album?


Delta Goodrem‘s ‘Wish You Were Here’ is almost shoo-in to be the biggest new single on our ARIA charts next week. The overwhelming early digital sales is more than making up for the lacklustre results of ‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’. Seems like the Aussie pop diva is back to slay in the hardest way. Delta‘s fourth studio album Child of The Universe will be born next Friday 26 October.

Calvin Harris and Florence Welch‘s ‘Sweet Nothing’ is likely to blast into the UK Top 5 and our ARIA Top 20 next week. This might be the Scottish DJ’s last massive single debut for awhile. Once 18 Months drops, the focus will shift from singles to the album, I reckon. With five hit singles on its side, I think it would be an easy sell. Calvin Harris‘ new album will arrive on 2 November in Australia.

Guy Sebastian‘s epic new album Armageddon looks likely to challenge Pink‘s The Truth About Love for the top spot next week. Elsewhere, Lisa Mitchell‘s sophomore album Bless This Mess is likely to turn up in the Top 30.

The Wanted‘s ‘I Found You’ becomes the seventh most added new song to Australian radios this week. It’s actually one of my favourite singles by them so far, I don’t get why the hesitation with airplay. Sadly, the song is not even in our iTunes Top 100 at the moment.

Leona Lewis‘ stunning new album Glassheart drops in the UK this week but I’m not entirely convinced that it’ll debut at #1 next Monday. Both standard and deluxe editions are currently reigning in the UK iTunes Top 10 but our girl faces stiff competition from folk rock artist Jake Bugg.

Brandy‘s slick and edgy Two Eleven album dropped this week but it is not expected to disrupt any charts except the American R&B one. In its first day, Two Eleven has already gone #1 on the US iTunes R&B/Soul album chart. Even though, this is possibly her most inaccessible work yet – I’m still happy for the girl and you can fucking bet that I’ll be first in line on Friday to buy it in Australia.

Steps‘ Christmas single ‘Light Up The World’ arrives in the UK on Monday. This is the band’s first new single in 11 years. Their reunion tour and accompanying best-of album was a huge success last year, so it’s great that they’re building on it as a group. Did y’all know there’s also gonna be a Steps fragrance launching in November called Guilty Pleasure? Gag.


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