Feed Limmy Top Albums of 2013: Tina Arena “Reset”

Tina Arena is pretty much universally recognised as one of the best female vocalists Australia has produced. If this doesn’t sound like gospel to you, cancel your plans tomorrow and spend the day YouTubing her live performances.

Tina Arena Reset

Reset is Tina’s first English album of originals in over a decade and the title neatly sums up the sentiment of ‘picking up right where we left off’.

For many loyal fans, this album harks to all the fond hallmarks of a Tina Arena masterpiece. The only difference is that the beltings are now scaled back from the Pangea-splitting level she is known for. More often than not on Reset, the beauty is most striking when you just close your eyes and take in Tina’s tone and the effortless delivery.

As a body of brand new mid-tempo pop numbers, Reset arrives graceful, profound, and already feels lived-in. The comeback single ‘You Set Fire To My Life’ is an elegant affair. It took it as a profound reminder in today’s aggressively overproduced pop climate that a simple, effective melody needs no smoke and mirrors.

Watch the video for Tina’s single ‘You Set Fire to My Life’:

Album opener ‘Love You Less’, which Tina co-wrote with super producer Stuart Crichton and Ilan from The Potbelleez, sounds like a confident future radio hit. Ex-Australian Idol contestant-turned-celebrated songwriter Hayley Warner co-wrote the massive track ‘Still Running’, which reconnects listeners to the passionate delivery we loved Tina for in ‘Burn’.

‘Reset All’, tucked at the end of the standard edition, is the grand dame of the album. Unfolding with a faint piano tinkling, the track takes you on a journey (sorry to borrow such a worn out reality TV phrase) with crescendoing strings and Tina’s own vocals, which pick up in tenacity as she drives home the desire to start over.

After several listens, my eyes have somehow trained itself to water on cue when this line comes on: “I’ve been holding on just to let go, turn a blind eye, not sure I want to know.”

Listen to Tina’s ‘Reset All’:

There is no doubt that Tina Arena is the high priestess of her craft and we can only hope she continues to deliver more new material as beautiful as this.


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