Feed Limmy Top Songs of 2013: Kelly Rowland ‘Down on Love’

“We want two different things at two different times. You know how the story goes – easy come, easy go…”

Kelly Rowland Talk A Good Game

‘Down on Love’ quickly became one of my favourite songs of the year because I have never heard a song that so beautifully expresses the ennui and disappointments of trying to find love.

The game playing, the unmet expectations, the broken trust – Kelly paints a picture that is all too familiar for those who have been in the dating pool for longer than they care to remember.

It’s not something most people would expect from Kelly Rowland, but this former Destiny’s Child singer has a flair for penning confessional ballads – as proven with her Ms Kelly album track ‘Still In Love With My Ex’ and more recently, the career-defining ‘Dirty Laundry’.

The slick production with perforating urban beats give the song some pace, which goes down particularly well in sections where Kelly spits: “Tried your love at five in the morning, I never thought that you would hurt me. Yeah baby you sho’ did. I put up with your shit. Calling, I ignore it. Why you actin’ like it ain’t five in the morning, when you know you ain’t worthy?”

For casual observers of Rowland’s solo career who may only be familiar with the David Guetta hit ‘When Love Takes Over’, ‘Down On Love’ is a worth a play just to note the contrast in her work – and how she effortlessly excels in her element as an R&B artist and storyteller.

Listen to ‘Down on Love’ audio.


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