Feed Limmy Top Songs of 2013: Little Mix ‘Move’

“Don’t you know a girl like a boy who moves?”

Little Mix Move

The all-important first single for Little Mix’s new album was always going to be make or break. After successfully letting the world in on their brand of harmony-driven pop, what’s next?

Will they simply replicate the sound of their global hit ‘Wings’ or dare they push for something a little different? We know it’s a fine line between maintaining a consistent sound and doing something fresh, and ‘Move’ is the perfect example of one that walks the tightrope well.

Everything that made ‘Move’ appear to be an odd choice for a first single is what justifies its place: the rhythmic tongue-clicking, the beat that takes its time to build up, the way the first chorus discreetly slides in without you even knowing, and the fact that it’s a ridiculously infectious dance song without being of the ‘dance genre’ variety the mainstream audience expects.

Just like it was when ‘Wings’ and ‘How You Doin’?’ dropped, ‘Move’ sounds like nothing that is on the charts at the moment. By taking this risk and watching it pay off, Little Mix continues to strengthen their reputation as reliable purveyors of pop that step outside the norm.


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