Feed Limmy Top Songs of 2013: Samantha Jade ‘Firestarter’

“It’s gonna burn when you touch me, when you touch me!”

Samantha Jade Firestarter

I am hopelessly devoted to this Aussie pop starlet who snatched the X Factor crown in 2012.

‘Firestarter’ came about six months after her explosive winner’s single ‘What You’ve Done To Me’ (which made the Top 5 Songs of 2012). It was a risky to wait so long and test the fickle public devotion, but this dance pop number is a scorcher worth waiting for.

The song, which Sammi co-wrote with Sony Music Australia’s powerhouse songwriter/producer duo DNA Songs, sounds like a proper European floor filler. Yes, the musical direction may be a tad obvious for this gorgeous singer, who has been compared to Kylie, but it is nonetheless thoroughly fitting and enjoyable.

The throbbing beat, fluorescent synths and massive belt-out chorus gives Sammi the opportunity to showcase her abilities on stage as a world class singer and dancer.


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