Feed Limmy’s Top Songs of 2013: Tamar Braxton ‘The One’

“You know very well, who you are…”

Tamar Braxton The One

R&B music made a strong mark on 2013 for me, particularly with new releases from a few key female artists who I am typically loyal to.

Tamar Braxton’s first album in 13 years Love and War caught me by surprise but one song in particular kept me thirsty for more with every listen.

‘The One’ is an instant favourite and unlike anything else on the album, it is carted out on a beat that sounds like a bubblegum throwback to 80s funk and hip hop. Stylistically, it gives a respectful nod to early Mariah Carey records, when she started applying glossy diva vocals over hard-hitting hip hop beats.

The sweet lyrics are enough to melt any hard candy heart and make you want to fall in love instantly – I know it did for me. Coming in at just under 2:55, it’s the perfect quick sugar fix.


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