Brendan Maclean ‘Population’

Australian alternative-pop artist Brendan Maclean has been bumpin’ to a new groove lately.

Brendan Maclean Population

He has given the faithful ukulele a break and is shimmying with fluorescent synths and vibrant vocal effects. Despite the brazen change in sound, Brendan’s distinct poetic punk style still burns bright as he quizzically asks, “What is POP?”

For an artist who has never comfortably fit in either indie or pop definitions, Maclean cleverly toys with the idea of identity and expectations on ‘Population’. “If everybody’s looking for what’s hot and all they want is all the things you’re not, you can only give them what you’ve got,” he sings.

In some ways, this song reminds me of Jewel’s marvellous approach circa 0304 when she adopted a bubblier pop soundscape but still retained the essence of folk music in her work. It’s always exciting to see artists take a risk and experiment with new textures.

It will be interesting to see how ‘Population’ and ‘Winner’, both produced by Paulmac, fit in the context of an album. 

Listen to and download ‘Population’


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