Samantha Jade ‘Soldier’

I’m just serving stone cold facts when I say, Samantha Jade is a bonafide Aussie pop darling.

Samantha Jade Soldier

There is nothing not to love about her. The girl has the whole damn package: she’s a terrific vocalist and world-class performer, she has a genuinely sweet personality and nobody – bar the Minogue sisters – can rock a cute little dress like her.

After releasing two platinum-selling pop uptempos, Sammi reappears with a slightly darker new single in ‘Soldier’. The aching pop ballad plays like the tear-streaked final cries of a fractured relationship. She ordered The Works on this one.

The perforating dubstep beats, which recall Little Mix’s ‘DNA’, and a heavy shot of melodramatic strings form a perfect backdrop for this personal track, which Sammi wrote about her recent breakup from a seven-year relationship.

“Your silence is a gun-gun-gun-gun, aiming at the one-one-one-one who’s still the same. My love won’t change…”

For a young woman who is always all-smiles and doesn’t tweet her relationship dramas in the small hours like we do, this song really is the first mark of vulnerability we’ve seen from Samantha Jade.

Let’s hope there’s room for a few more personal songs on her long-awaited album of originals, which is reportedly due in February.

Listen to Samantha Jade’s ‘Soldier’:

Report to the dance floor with the 7th Heaven remix:


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