Darren Hayes ‘Wrecking Ball’

You might’ve seen Darren Hayes pop up in your iTunes store recently under a completely different section (what is a podcast?) but making music is still his main trade.

Darren Hayes Wrecking Ball

The talented singer/songwriter has released a pair of songs previously only available in the collector’s edition of his 2011 Secret Codes and Battleships album.

‘Wrecking Ball’ and the demo version of ‘Sweetest Lullaby’ are like two sides of a coin. ‘Wrecking Ball’ is the flamboyant head with a rambunctious hook, driving drums and fluorescent synth brass. It is unmistakably Darren in Glee mode.

‘Sweetest Lullaby’, on the other hand, is a classic, melancholy Darren Hayes ballad that could soundtrack a million black and white cinematic visions. It does what every great pop ballad should: set the tone upon arrival. You already know which way your heart is going to break from the opening line: “It won’t be long before your train arrives at rainy Waterloo. It won’t be long before you’re leaving, you’re leaving…”.

Listen to the Wrecking Ball (EP) on Spotify:

The two-track Wrecking Ball EP is now out in digital stores everywhere.

Some popstars do a reality show in between albums, others – like this thinking man’s pop idol – prefer to produce life-affirming podcasts. You can download Darren’s weekly talk show Talk Talk Talk with Darren Hayes on iTunes and who knows, god willing, a new record is on the horizon.


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