Nathaniel ‘You’re Beautiful’

After bewitching us with his crazy amazing falsetto, Aussie X Factor sensation Nathaniel returns with a similarly-styled follow-up: ‘You’re Beautiful’.

Nathaniel Willemse You're Beautiful

The single follows the same blueprint behind his ARIA Top 5 hit ‘You’, which was one of Feed Limmy’s Top Songs of 2013. The familiar crisp, metronomic beats and sky-scraping falsetto hook is back with unspookable resemblance – and frankly, it’s a bore.

In a recent interview with auspOp, Nathaniel explains his approach with ‘You’re Beautiful’:

“We looked at Lorde and almost all of Lorde’s songs are identical or close to being the same type of sound. So we didn’t want to sway too much.

“I’ve had feedback from friends and other people who’ve said it sounds exactly the same as ‘You’. It doesn’t sound exactly the same.

“It’s in that same area stylistically in sound and vision terms. We wanted to follow through with that falsetto vibe, but we wanted to make it a bit edgier, a bit ballsier and with a bit more lyrical depth.”

Look, I totally get where he’s coming from with building a consistent sound and style, but he could have chosen a different lyrical theme. There are plenty of pop artists who produce terrific follow-up singles that channel the essence of the previous hit without singing about the same topic.

Take a look at Loreen‘s ‘Euphoria’ and its international successor ‘My Heart is Refusing Me’. Take a closer look at Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Jessie Ware‘s material – they all established their brand and style with a delicate balance of light and shade.

It’s a shame to see Nathaniel waste an opportunity to do the same by playing it so safe with ‘You’re Beautiful’.

Having said that, the music video is a gem. Check out the impressive Midas-aired affair, directed by Adam Callen from Made in Katana:

Nathaniel‘s ‘You’re Beautiful’ is out now.


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