RuPaul “Born Naked”

That RuPaul reign just won’t let up. The superstar drag queen and entertainment mogul shows no sign of untucking from the game as she drops another studio album in tandem with the sixth season of her cult TV series: RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Born Naked succeeds in taking the two dominant facets of RuPaul‘s music – club pop and hip hop – and injects them with steroids with Bane-like brutality. The bass hits harder, the synths sound stronger and the rap verses spit faster.

Album opener ‘Freaky Money’ featuring Big Freedia (the queen diva of bounce music) is a relentless, hood equivalent of ‘Independent Women’, destined to soundtrack twerking videos for the ages.

Your rump will demonstrate elasticity like you’ve never known the minute it hears Ru scream, “All up in the club I’m makin’ money-money-money-money! Walking down the street I’m makin’ money-money-money-money! When I shake my ass I’m makin’ money-money-money-money! Even when I sleep I’m makin’ money-money-money-money!”

‘Sissy That Walk’ is laced with a potent hallucinogenic that will instantly transform that empty supermarket aisle before you into a Balenciaga catwalk in London Fashion Week. The dance anthem feeds us sage advice straight from Ru’s Twitter: “Unless they’re paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind!”. When the fuck is Oprah cutting a dance album?

Watch the music video for RuPaul‘s ‘Geronimo’ – the album’s lead single:


The album title stems from one of Ru‘s most memorable quotes, “we are all born naked – the rest is drag!”.

It’s a sentiment that loosely threads the disparate musical styles on this album, connecting the dots between big club beats to ratchet hip hop records, and even a vanilla pop ballad or two. The music, lyrics and sentiments are naked, the rest (the arrangement, the genre, the vocal effects) is drag.

RuPaul gif

Ru also managed to rope in a host of feature creatures that read like guest judges on the show – clock everyone from electropop ‘it’ boy Frankmusik to Britney‘s premier background vocalist Myah Marie.

Weather Girl Martha Wash appears on the beautiful, acoustic ballad ‘Can I Get An Amen?’. It’s like RuPaul does MTV: Unplugged all the sudden. Fellow Drag Race judge and one-time pop star Michelle Visage joins Ru on a song that’s very much an ode to their long-lasting friendship: ‘Let The Music Play’.

Even though the inspirational message behind Born Naked is universally relatable, the album itself plays very much to a niche crowd that already get RuPaul‘s witticisms and style of music. It’s hard to see it crossing over on its own without the aid of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

New listeners who have a moderate to mild interest in RuPaul‘s universe, you better do your homewerk.

Listen to the Born Naked album on Spotify:


RuPaul‘s Born Naked is out now in digital music stores everywhere.


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