Neon Jungle ‘Welcome to The Jungle’

Britain’s new it girl band Neon Jungle is set to torch the dance floor once again with their new single ‘Welcome to The Jungle’.


These girls aren’t playing around no more. Not after the runaway success of their best-charting single ‘Braveheart’, which peaked at #4 in the UK and broke the girls into the Australian Top 20.

The four-piece is quick to follow up with another banger ‘Welcome to The Jungle’, which is co-written and produced by More Mega (the duo behind ‘Braveheart’ and Havana Brown‘s global dance hit ‘We Run The Night’), and Yoan Chirescu and SoFLY & Nius, who gave us Enrique Iglesias‘s ‘Finally I Found You’.

‘Welcome to The Jungle’ would make for a wicked album opener but as a follow up single, it struggles a little as rushed and rougher sister of ‘Braveheart’. The tune is spread thin beneath the throbbing bass line and industrial-strength rave synths.

But to their credit, AsamiAmiraJessica and Sheeren command the bossy club track with a cool confidence that makes you want to join their movement regardless.

The girls offer a mix of vocal performances and personalities. We’ve got:

  • slick Jamaican accent in the verses
  • pop sex kitten in parts of the chorus
  • a taste of gritty East London in the hard-hitting rap.

Listen to Neon Jungle‘s ‘Welcome to The Jungle’:

‘Welcome to The Jungle’ is out on 18 April.



  1. It feels a bit like they’re trying to do too much in one song, and I found myself wishing they’d dropped one style – probably the Jamaican attempts to make the song more cohesive. It’s one of those songs that seems like it will gel with a video, the audio alone doesn’t sell to me but they’re stunning girls and they have a lot of attitude, so I’m sure it’ll smash.

    • Yeah, I agree! I think the video could really sell it. They’ll probably have a bigger budget this time around. The ‘Braveheart’ video was very average.

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