Tove Lo “Truth Serum”

Pop music lovers with ears to the ground have been hearing whispers of Tove Lo‘s name for months now, but is her debut EP – Truth Serum – worth a shout?

Tove Lo Truth Serum

The Swedish pop artist’s breakthrough single ‘Habits’ was one of my absolute favourite songs of 2013, so you know the bar is set somewhere up in the stratosphere.

Truth Serum is a concise collection of five originals, all written by Tove Lo and produced by The Struts. While ‘Habits’ pitched her as a convincing purveyor of murky, tear-streaked electro pop, she also offers a taste of cheerier, underground club fillers.

‘Paradise’ is an energetic, drum and bass-inflected track, strewn with handclaps. It sounds like a potential radio hit for her – a strobe-lit summer anthem that will have you putting your hands in the air without being specifically told to. “Love for real without the lies, is that what they call paradise?”

The new single ‘Not On Drugs’ is essentially a sequel to ‘Habits’. It mirrors the same moody soundscape and haunting reverbs, except now she has found a new addiction: “Baby listen please, I’m not on drugs… I’m just in love. You’re high enough for me!”

It’s clear from this neat little collection that Tove Lo‘s forte is in delivering vulnerable vocal performances over chilled, electro pop beats.

It will be interesting to see how her style evolves with the next EP or single. Can we expect another cold killer like ‘Habits’? When she makes pain look this good, it’ll almost certainly never wear out.

Watch the new music video for Tove Lo‘s ‘Habits’:


Stand out tracks: ‘Habits’ and ‘Not on Drugs’


Truth Serum is now out in digital stores everywhere, complete with a sick new remix of ‘Habits’ (aka ‘Stay High’ [feat. Hippie Sabotage]).

If you’re curious for more Tove, you might wanna check out the track she wrote for Lea Michele‘s new album: ‘Thousand Needles’.


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