Jessica Mauboy ‘Never Be The Same’

This is the realest Jessica Mauboy single ever.


‘Never Be The Same’ is the fourth single lifted from the Australian pop singer’s latest LP Beautiful – and it’s one that I instantly connected with after my first listen of the album.

The honest lyrics Mauboy wrote touch on the compromises she has made in her personal life to find success in the business.

She may be only 24 but let’s not forget the girl has been building a music (and recently, film) career for herself since she found fame on Australian Idol at the green age of 16. I would say she is perhaps quite qualified to write about this subject matter.


Even though a lot of Aussies my age feel like they’ve grown up with Jess, her private life has never made for particularly meaty gossip magazine fodder.

There were no breakdowns, no Twitter feuds, no whining about the pressures of fame – just poster-perfect smiles and a consistent catalogue of sugary pop uptempos. So it’s actually a relief to see Jess open up a little and show a more vulnerable side on her 18th solo single.

[I had to italicise 18th because I couldn’t believe it myself. Where did the time go, y’all? It was only yesterday that she was in Young Divas Academy, snapping her fingers in a video with Paulini and the girls.]

Jess talks about ‘Never Be The Same’ in the Daily Telegraph, saying:

“This is me, the most vulnerable I have ever been singing.

“I was scared of becoming someone I wasn’t. Had I been there for my family, have I been there for my boyfriend, am I doing enough? I was angry at myself.

“There has to be balance in my life and I can’t always be the happy pop singer.”

The music video – directed by Lawrence Lim and the team at Tribal Apes – sees the Aussie pop singer serving emotions in the shower (her modesty is still very much preserved, thank you for asking) as she ponders the growing divide between her life and the home she left behind.

Watch the video for Jessica Mauboy‘s ‘Never Be The Same’:

We also need to acknowledge that the current Beautiful era is giving Jessica Mauboy the best music videos she has ever had.

Things really do change after you’ve been in a critically-acclaimed movie and have danced on stage with the likes of Ellen DeGeneres.


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