Kylie Minogue ‘Sexercize’ Music Video

This is the sexiest music video Kylie Minogue has done in 10 years.

Kylie Minogue Sexercize Will Davidson

We haven’t seen the Aussie pop siren turn out anything this deliciously raunchy since her 2003 Body Language era and after all this time, it’s great to see that Kylie‘s still got it. 

True talk, if you played the ‘Red Blooded Woman’ and ‘Sexercize’ videos back-to-back to an untrained consumer, they might actually gag and struggle to pick which one was filmed a decade ago.

Fashion photographer and director Will Davidson delivers a highly tantalising video for ‘Sexercize’ that displays glimmers of sexuality in highly-functional (and somewhat bleak) spaces. Think of it as a cross between Olivia Newton-John‘s ‘Physical’ and portions of Anggun‘s 2012 Eurovision offering ‘Echo (You and I)’.

Here we see Kylie and her posse of female dancers in skin-tight white leotards bouncing it out on exercise balls in a dusty gym that was probably frequented by Olympic gymnasts in the late 70s.

This whole production is practically Carmen Carrera, relying on all that body-yody-yody! We are guided with voyeuristic eyes that focus on frame after frame of gyrating body parts. There are scarcely any close ups of Kylie’s face in this video – just glimpses here and there that convey the carnal pleasure of her workout.

Kylie Minogue Sexercize Music Video

When her fellow The Voice UK coach, Ricky Wilson, commented about the “saucy” song, Kylie simply and coyly responded, “The sauce is always on the table.”

She has made it clear for years that her style is “sexy with a wink” – it’s never a full frontal X-rated assault on the senses. Having said that, the ‘Sexercize’ video must sit somewhere within a hair’s breadth from becoming the latter, especially when you get to the sapphic scenes in the steam room.

There will always be basic fools who are quick to mouth off what is and isn’t appropriate attire and behaviour for a 45-year old woman, but let’s not forget, Kylie is not a regular woman in your church prayer group.

She is a bonafide global popstar, who is in terrific form, doing what she has always done best. She doesn’t abide to your standards.

The ‘Sexercize’ video has already racked up over 2.4 million views on YouTube in just four days – overtaking its predecessor ‘Into The Blue’, which took six weeks to cross the 2 million mark.

Watch the official music video for Kylie Minogue‘s ‘Sexercize’:

Team Minogue clearly saw the song as a promising base to launch a visual project.

They’ve commissioned for a suite of ‘Sexercize’ visual content to be created, from music videos to animation and graphic design – each piece is a product of a unique collaboration between creatives in the fashion, art and film industry.

Check them all out on

Naturally, apart from the aforementioned video, everyone’s talking about Kylie‘s new album. Here’s a review of Kiss Me Once, hyperlinked for your convenience.


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