Ricki-Lee ‘All We Need is Love’

Aussie pop siren Ricki-Lee reveals a softer side in her blissed out new single ‘All We Need is Love’.

Ricki-Lee All We Need is Love

This is a new angle for the fierce singer who only eight months ago tripped a viper’s nest of moralists with her risqué video for ‘Come and Get In Trouble with Me’. The lascivious clip saw Ricki-Lee riding stark naked on a white horse through a nightclub and baring her breasts smeared in gold paint.

Needless to say, the comments on social media were less than savoury, most amusing of which were from #TeamWontSomebodyThinkofTheKids.

For the record, I really enjoyed the video and single. I will always back her as an artist and grown woman to do whatever the fuck she wants with her art, but that video didn’t do her any favours with her younger fans and their parents. I think as gay men, we sometimes forget Ricki-Lee‘s fan base extends beyond the reaches of poppers and Oxford Street.

Flip the page and change the scene, the singer’s now back with a different attitude and a more universally-embraceable message in ‘All We Need is Love’ – and she did it all without compromising her commitment to making radio-ready dance tunes.

This feels like her ‘We Found Love’. Just like the global Rihanna smash, here we hear Ricki-Lee sing in a softer, higher register over euphoric club beats.

Sonically, I’m loving the marriage of summery acoustic guitar strums with claps and eurodance synths. It carries the song to new heights and sets the scene for a joyous, hands-in-the-air anthem.

However, I struggle to keep my rose-coloured glasses on long enough to meditate on the simplistic message of love: “Green lights all of the way on the freeway of love. We got it all if we got each other and everything will be alright!”

Maybe that’s the point. Perhaps the statement here is to uncomplicate things and just allow love and positivity to be the centre of all we do. You can’t express it more succinctly than that, can you?

Watch the music video for Ricki-Lee‘s ‘All We Need is Love’:


The song was written by Ricki-Lee, Stuart Crichton (who has penned hits for Delta Goodrem and Sugababes) and Ilan Kidron from The Potbelleez (who has written for Ricky Martin and Reece Mastin).

There’s plenty of love to go around with this release.

The ‘All We Need is Love’ EP is decked out with another new track ‘Happy Ever After’, an acoustic and club remix of the title track, and an unplugged cover of Avicii’s hit ‘Wake Me Up’.

Just enough to tide us over until she wraps her fourth album, which is slated to be out sometime this year.



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