Jordan Morris ‘Do It Like Me’

Paging the producers of So You Think You Can Dance – I’ve found you a new theme song.


19-year old English lad Jordan Morris drops a toe-tapping pop number in ‘Do It Like Me’ that is set to get heads turning around the world. If they push this track right, there’s no reason why we can’t see this soundtracking numerous commercials and racing up iTunes charts.

The song is pure fun with a good amount of cheese. Jordan impressively owns his falsetto notes in a junior Justin Timberlake or Craig David style. It’s all there on the table, switching rapidly between smooth teen R&B tones and tribal nah-nah-nah-hey chants.

On a production level, ‘Do It Like Me’ is a thrilling collision of Eurodance with reggae influences, laser synths and quick dashes of dramatic strings.

It is concise and precise, running at just 2:46. The old adage ‘don’t bore us, get to the chorus’ need not apply because you’re barely taking in the next breath before Jordan pulls another stunting verse.

Listen to Jordan Morris’ new single ‘Do It Like Me’:


“I am da king! I am da king of the jungle!”

‘Do It Like Me’ is out everywhere today.


1 Comment

  1. It doesn’t sound like he can actually sing… I do like the length though, a song shorter than 3 minutes is aways good.

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