Foxes “Glorious”

There is a new it girl of nocturnal indie pop tunes and her name is Foxes.

Foxes Glorious Deluxe

The British singer/songwriter’s debut album Glorious is foreshadowed by three UK Top 20 singles that I always felt were more stylistically on-point than memorable.

Glorious is such a product of its time: a Polaroid snapshot of the indie pop soundscape in 2013/14. It follows a familiar blueprint of haunting vocals layered over thundering drums and ominous synths. Where it is feeling fanciful, there might be decorations of distorted vocal loops and gun-cocking clicks on the track.

Sonically, Foxes plays in the shadows with MS MR and Marina and the Diamonds‘ oeuvre, which is fine had she brought home stronger tunes.

The single ‘Let Go For Tonight’ is the biggest moment on the album – a stomping indie pop showstopper with a belting chorus. The track was produced by Mike Spencer (who has crafted tracks for Emeli Sandé) and Kid Harpoon (who co-wrote Florence + The Machine‘s ‘Shake It Out’), so it has certified hit written all over it for a reason.

Watch the music video for Foxes‘ ‘Let Go For Tonight’:


‘Night Owls Early Birds’ (produced by Jarrad Rogers, who did a few tracks on Rebecca Ferguson‘s Freedom album) sounds like a potential single but it safely walks the same grounds as ‘Holding onto Heaven’ and ‘Let Go for Tonight’.

‘White Coats’ – a track transplanted from her 2012 EP Warrior – is the most cutting edge song here. You’re either going to love the elaborate arrangement of buzzing synth bass and lush orchestral strings or find it distracting. For me, it is a welcome punctuation from the rest of the album’s same-ishness.

Watch the music video for ‘White Coats’:


It’s a shame that there aren’t many more generous moments on Glorious.

For the most part, it feels like an insular album of lyrics swirling around the artist’s head, clouded by metaphors. When one struggles to connect with the songs, it doesn’t matter how nicely produced the tracks are – it will always be relegated to being background mood music.

Stand out tracks: ‘Let Go For Tonight’, ‘Night Owls Early Birds’ and ‘White Coats’.



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