Dami Im ‘Super Love’

Reigning queen of X Factor Australia, Dami Im, drops her euphoric second single ‘Super Love’.

Dami Im Super Love

The upbeat number is a bright burst of banjos and danceable pop beats, cloaked by Dami‘s powerhouse vocals. ‘Super Love’ comes with the kind of huge, walloping chorus you usually get from The Saturdays and Katy Perry. In short, we have a global hit-in-waiting right here and this Korean-born chanteuse might just break new territories with it.

‘Super Love’ is written by one-time Australian pop star Hayley Aitken and Swedish songwriter/producers Trinity (Fredrik Häggstam, Sebastian Lundberg and Johan Gustafson), who have worked with Jedward and K-pop heavyweights like Girls Generation and TVXQ.

Dami has dedicated this single to her devoted husband Noah and the lyrics couldn’t be sweeter on the ears.

She belts: “We’re diamonds in the rough, the stars are made of us. Nothing can bring us down, down, down. We got that super love!”

Throughout the 2013 X Factor Australia series, you get a sense that Dami is more at home with the traditional Walter Afanasieff-type ballads. Those kind of songs make ample room for her big vocals and don’t usually feature complicated melodic flows.

What’s beautiful about ‘Super Love’ is hearing Dami skilfully manoeuvre her way around a modern pop composition. This song has a few different dynamics going on in the verses where it switches from airy, wistful lines to rapid dashes (“Because you are-are thinking about my love, because I-ah-ah thinking about your love!”). I mean, if you’re going to commit to the pop star gig, this is the very least you could do. We will discuss the image and eye-catching outfits another time.

Dami Im Super Love Music Video

Watch the music video for Dami Im‘s ‘Super Love’:


‘Super Love’ is out on iTunes everywhere today.

Now all we need to complete this lovefest is a slamming remix EP with vocal club cuts by 7th Heaven, Digital Dog, Alias, Oxford Hustlers etc.



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  1. well its power i think dami must make a music like youre not alone of michael jackson instead of youre not alone were not alone to add spices to her albums

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