Introducing: Javeon

Bristol artist Javeon is shaping up to be the next big charge in the electro-soul game.


The rising star brings a sophisticated balance of warm, soulful vocals and crystalline electronic beats. Stylistically, he is on the same futuristic Britstep trajectory that Disclosure has successfully steered into the mainstream.

In fact, Javeon hails from PMR, the same label as Disclosure and similar ‘it’ UK artists of the moment like Jessie Ware and Cyril Hahn. He also drops guest vocals on an amazing new Clean Bandit album track titled ‘Cologne’. So basically, you’re gonna hear more from him.

Vocally, Javeon – with his honeyed tones that recall Lemar or R Kelly – could probably sing anything from Motown to modern R&B, and make it sound like gold. He is capable of making your headphones moist even when he’s singing brutally honest tunes.

Javeon’s standout single, ‘Lovesong’, is not at all what the title suggests. Instead of another rose-coloured song, what you find is a beguiling track about not wanting a long-term relationship.

He sings, “You ask for forever, I don’t want forever. I don’t want to talk about it… Don’t call it a love song, don’t call it love. Don’t say I’m your only, don’t say I’m the one…”. The track was co-written and produced by MNEK (who has worked with artists like Mutya Keisha Siobhan, Little Mix and Misha B), so that explains why it has pedigree hit scribbled all over it.

‘Intoxicated’ is a rousing number with pianos, airy synth pluckings and a gospel-like melody. It sounds like the kind of song that would work better as an acoustic ballad, rather than the two-step house track it arrived as.

Just so we’re clear that Javeon is set on being more than just the next Soundcloud wonder, the artist has collaborated with director Ben Strebel to create a series of music videos for his singles. The videos are done in a gritty, British realism style that contrast with the smooth house music sonics Javeon brings.

You can follow the story, starting with ‘Lovesong’ and followed by the subsequent singles ‘Give Up’ and ‘Intoxicated’.

Gimme more!

Make sure you check out Javeon‘s Soundcloud for more tunes and remixes.


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