Little Mix ‘Salute’

‘Salute’ is the champion track fans have been nagging Little Mix to release ever since their second album of the same name landed.

Little Mix Salute Single Version

The girls go one step further and draft a whole new single mix that adds more emphasis on the original stomping R&B beat.

Stylistically, ‘Salute’ fits the clique of Little Mix’s uptempos. You can hear the late 90s or early millennium pop/R&B persuasion, and the girls’ signature vocal harmonies are never far from the focal point. What’s new about this particular single is the girls’ assertive delivery.

‘Salute’ is a straight up girl power anthem built from the same blueprint behind Beyoncé’s ‘Run The World (Girls)’. TMS – the same songwriting and production team who worked on Little Mix’s ‘Wings‘ (a Feed Limmy Top 10 song of 2012) – cut a mean track of marching band drums, throbbing synths and shouts.

However as far as female anthems go, ‘Salute’ is more style than substance. Lyrically, it devotes more time to military wordplay than actually briefing its ‘recruits’ on what exactly the call to action is.

It doesn’t run in the same league as past torch-bearers like ‘Independent Women Part 1’ or ‘Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves’ but does a good job of marching a new generation along to the movement.

Watch the fierce music video for ‘Salute’:


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