Adore Delano “Till Death Do Us Party”

RuPaul’s Drag Race star and former American Idol contestant, Adore Delano, sends haters scurrying for the hills with her killer pop debut: Till Death Do Us Party.

Adore Delano Till Death Do Us Party

For anyone who has ever had the mixed pleasure of hitting ‘play’ on a novelty single by a RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, you know it can often be a cringeworthy experience. However, Adore – who is a legitimate singer of American Idol standards – stands wigs and shoulder pads above her peers.

Till Death Do Us Party is like a crazy kaleidoscopic view of young, gay America with indistinct flashes of glitter, sex, booze, laughter, ambition and loneliness.

It arrives like the fashionably late Ke$ha album we’ve been waiting for. Here the fierce drag superstar throws down plenty of bass candy for the speakers with an eager spread of club-ready EDM styles, bubbly pop melodies and filthy hip hop.

The lead single ‘DTF’ (‘down to fuck’, in case you were wondering) is a throbbing electro-urban ode to cruising.

Adore dishes sex-kitten spoken word lines like, “Don’t wanna meet your mum, such an epic fail! Order up your bride from the fucking mail. And your profile pic, it’s not even you! I’m reading 6 foot 3, more like 5’2!”

Depending on who you ask, the NSA and anti-romance lyrics can either be comedic or gospel preached to Grindr dependants. Perhaps, to be honest, a bit of both.


Adore shows she’s also capable of delivering a party record with mainstream appeal. The aptly-titled ‘Party’ sounds like a radio-ready Katy Perry tune with the same hedonistic theme we’ve heard the bad girls of pop canvass before (i.e. binge-drinking, vomiting, casual sex, and getting in trouble with the law etc.).

Elsewhere, ‘I Look Fucking Cool’ – featuring season five Drag Race contestant Alaska Thunderfuck – is a middle finger in the air anthem for all the unpolished queens in the world. There is a punk-like essence pulsating through this head-bashing club track with Adore feeling her oats: “I’m ratchet couture! I don’t need to try, I don’t even care who gives a shit ’cause I look fucking cool!”

Lyrically, it points to critiques aimed at Adore and Alaska‘s aesthetics during the show but it could also resonate with anyone who is young, driven and desperately trying to make ends meet. Adore purrs, “One leather glove, one satin. But I’m still good at snatchin’. Thriftin’ I find my glory, ’cause I like wearing stories!”

While the effervescent Californian drag queen excels at doing immediate, trashy records – there is also a vulnerable side to Till Death Do Us Party. 

‘I Adore U’ is a brilliant electropop ballad that hears Adore sing with dewy-eyed conviction, “This is how it ends, never meant to hurt you. I’m a pretty mess and I don’t deserve you. I ran out of time and second chances. Sorry couldn’t build your white picket fences…”

Sonically, ‘I Adore U’ sounds like lab-perfected hybrid of Darren Hayes and a Miley Cyrus Bangerz track. It is quite possibly the strongest and most commercially-viable single any Drag Race contestant has ever released.


Till Death Do Us Party is not only an affirmation of Adore‘s vocal and songwriting prowess – it also puts her forward as a strong candidate for the platinum-selling American pop sorority of Katy, Ke$ha, Miley and Gaga. The 24-year old drag queen’s cool and crazy ‘fuck it’ approach is one that could connect with a generation of the young and restless, the ambitious yet pleasure-seeking, across all gender and culture.

Even though Till Death lack the consistency of a hit album and some songs err on the side of being too clownish, Adore shows great potential for global pop stardom because she is backed by musical talent and a savvy mind that knows how to pitch to young consumers.

Highlights: ‘I Adore U’,  ‘DTF’, ‘Party’ and ‘I Look Fucking Cool’ (feat. Alaska Thunderfuck).



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