Bonnie Anderson ‘Blackout’ Music Video

Oh no she di’nt. One single in and 19-year old Aussie pop siren Bonnie Anderson has officially hit her good girl gone bad phase.

Bonnie Anderson Blackout Video

The teen sensation, who made her proper recording career debut last year with ‘Raise The Bar’, has transformed herself into a video vixen in her new single ‘Blackout’.

The video casts Bonnie as a femme fatale lurking in a futuristic sex dream loaded with enough Freudian imagery to make a child psychologist’s eyes water.

Did y’all clock the phallic train piercing the darkness and CGI imagery of a volcano erupting, spilling larva down the side? *sprinkles holy water*

‘Blackout’ is directed by Christopher Frey, who gave us Samantha Jade‘s ARIA award-winning video ‘Firestarter‘.

There is a cold, sci-fi quality to the clip – with a sparseness in each shot that leads you to focus on nothing but Bonnie and her dominatrix latex catsuit. The only thing standing between this and a highly-stylised homage to ‘Not Myself Tonight‘ is a saucer of milk.

Watch Bonnie Anderson turn it the fuck out in ‘Blackout’:


Where her underrated debut single ‘Raise The Bar‘ was a whisper that failed to crack the Australian Top 50, ‘Blackout’ is a shout set to turn heads from all corners of the globe.

The slick R&B-flavoured tune is produced by Johnny Powers from RedOne‘s hit-making team, who produced Timomatic‘s smash ‘Parachute‘.

Sonically, ‘Blackout’ recalls the modern crunk stepping of Katy Perry‘s ‘Dark Horse’ with a more urgent and heavier, electronic backdrop.

Bonnie co-wrote the not-so-innocent track with Eric Sanicola (who has produced tracks for Big Time Rush) and Ameerah Roelants (who has co-penned tunes for Austin Mahone). If these serious A-grade collaborators are anything to go by, it’s safe to conclude that Sony Music Australia ain’t foolin’ with that. They have sights set on Bonnie‘s world domination – not in a few albums’ time – but right now-now-now.

I will forever be pressed that ‘Raise The Bar’ wasn’t a seismic hit in every region with internet connection and working speakers, but with enough therapy and happy ending massages, I will hopefully deal.

How about one more look at Bonnie‘s fierce pose?

Bonnie Anderson Blackout RedOne

‘Blackout’ is now out in Australia. As for the rest of the world, your iTunes charts are safe until further notice. Stay tuned.


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