Gorgon City feat. Laura Welsh ‘Here For You’

North London electronica duo Gorgon City returns with ‘Here For You’, a sweet deep house number that picks up nicely from where they left us with their UK #4 hit Ready for Your Love.

Gorgon City Here With You Single

Laura Welsh’s soulful vocals bring a certain Sunday morning warmth to the 90s-inspired dance beats, rendering the song with a quality of being both suitable for clubs and the bleary-eyed ride home in the early AM.

She delivers reassuring lyrics that speak to friendships in transit, “We all go through changes, run to different places, that doesn’t mean that we have to part. And when you feel like nobody’s on your side, please believe I’m never too far…”

‘Here For You’ is yet another triumph for Gorgon City, who are undoubtedly one of the key players to watch for in the current 90s house pop resurgence.

The duo is also set to add another hit to their repertoire with Klaxons’ comeback single ‘There Is No Other Time’, a track they co-produced.

Welcome to the sound of Summer 2014.


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