Sophie Ellis-Bextor ‘Love Is A Camera’

Sophie Ellis-Bextor was, at one time, one of our most reliable purveyors of modern disco.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Love is A Camera

This year she packed away her dancing heels and embraced a folk-pop direction with her fifth studio album Wanderlust, which earned her glowing reviews and her first UK Top 5 chart placement in 13 years.

‘Love Is A Camera’ is the third single from the album and arguably one of the most dramatic singles Sophie has ever released. The haunting track, written by Sophie and Ed Harcourt, talks about a woman who takes photographs of her lovers to capture their souls.

She sings, “Every photograph is a cenotaph, won’t you stay here a while? In a flash you’ll see, you belong to me. All I need is a smile.”

As far as production values go, ‘Love Is A Camera’ is a breath of fresh air in Sophie’s discography. The song has an antique store-like elegance to it, quietly bewitching you with its mix of tango and Russian folk music influences.

Make sure you stay for the bonkers final verse in the song where she rapidly picks up the tempo in a Benny Hill-like fashion, singing, “Run, run away from the house on the hill. There’s a witch in the house that you’re living next to!”

While it’s unlikely to set the charts on fire, ‘Love Is A Camera’ is yet another testament to Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s strength as a refined songwriter and storyteller – which is something she doesn’t get enough credit for.


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