Manou ‘We Are’

So, going by first impressions, does anyone else think that Manou sounds like the sweeter and poppier version of Lorde?


The beautiful half-German and half-English singer is making ripples on the blogosphere with her new single ‘We Are’. The second you start the track, it’s almost like a fluffy pink cloud has been downloaded into the room.

There is an atmospheric quality to the track that immediately squares off with ‘Royals’ with its minimalist R&B beats and hand claps. There’s a simplicity to it that will have you automatically bopping along to it before you can even discern what the track’s about.

It’s gorgeous and unassumingly addictive.

‘We Are’ is a coming-of-age anthem about being an individual and owning it.

Manou said, “I have just finished school and this song is my ode to everyone at college who feels the pressure of growing up. I want people to love themselves for what they are, come as they are, and not feel anyone has to conform.”

Yes! Speak on it, girl. I endorse this.

The track is produced by P*Nut, the man who has worked with the likes of Eliza Doolittle, Foxes and the late Amy Winehouse.



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