Mausi ‘My Friend Has A Swimming Pool’

Yo, this is a straight-up party record made for late sunsets and Long Island Iced Teas.


The four-piece group, breaking out of Newcastle, totally sound like the kind of crew who always seem to know where a house party is kicking off – and will crash it in style.

Lead singer Daisy Finetto sings: “When the sun starts sinking, we’ve already been drinking. When we bounce, leave the house, down the bottles we’re sipping. Wear our shades out at night when we can’t really see nothin’!”

Mausi seem to really excel at closing the distance between between Alphabeat, Phoenix and Ace of Base – which are all amazing groups to be cross-referencing, by the way.

The track has a lick of retro chic goodness with fluorescent, indie-disco beats and stuttering 90s house pianos.

I totally love pop that doesn’t take itself too seriously to throw in a few surprises.

My favourite part is probably the bizarre moment where the music fades and dubbed spoken word bits blab, “My friend has a swimming pool… Getting tipsy in the swimming pool.” Random!


If you’re digging the gang’s frivolous disco pop aesthetic, check out their last single ‘Move‘ and their Soundcloud mixtapes.


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