Ward Thomas ‘Push For The Stride’

I have never posted a country track on here before, so I apologise if this little interruption to our regular programming upsets you like full lactose milk through my digestive passage. But y’know, whatever, there’s a good chance you might like these girls.

Ward Thomas Push For The Stride

Ward Thomas – made up of 20-year old twins Catherine and Lizzy – look and sound like young Nashville pop idols in the making, even if the band name sounds like something you would find on a law firm plaque.

The girls’ confident new single ‘Push For The Stride’ is a big tune with a sunny disposition that is impossible to dislike, one suspects, even for those who prefer to keep country music at arms’ length.

The song breaks out with rollicking pianos and gentle glimmers of soft rock, bringing you inspirational lyrics for when the going gets tough.

As you’d expect with all good country songs, Ward Thomas’ songwriting relishes in narrative and is sung with beautiful, air-tight harmonies.

They sing, “When you’re low on steam but your aim is high, you gotta keep your eye on the prize. Gotta push for the stride that wins the race every time!”  


While ‘Push For The Stride’ is warm and endearing, it shows nothing particularly unique or refreshing about Ward Thomas’ approach to the genre. There is no spice, just vanilla.

Perhaps in a bid to slot themselves into Nashville, the girls have opted to play by the book and not take any risks that would alienate themselves from American country music listeners? I don’t know. Thoughts? CC: Carrie Underwood.

At the end of the day, country hits are all about songs that tell a story and artists who do it with their own unique flair.

Only time will tell if Ward Thomas & Associates can execute an album of heartfelt and engaging songs that not only win them fans in Nashville but also here in their home soil.

WT‘s debut album From Where We Stand drops on 21 July. They’ve put in years of hard work in Nashville and are said to have collaborated with some of the industry’s finest. So, assess for yourselves.



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